No Title Painting by Elias Akleh

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No Title

Elias Akleh


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Art Description

Painting: Oil, Charcoal, Graphite on Paper.


about this artwork
We were not born deprived of the truth. This is our right, except that we have established laws such as the limits of freedom that were given to us from the beginning .. We started .. we captured ourselves with our institutions and our laws. And our projects until we killed that painter, musician, and poet .. The peasant no longer understood the wisdom of the earth, as this craftsman no longer realizes the intent of this tool ... The end no longer justifies the means.
We captured that child, and killed the meaning and intention, this fact that we found and through us to express the impression that this work of art created this free thought, including its absolute power and perceived sense of its abstraction and its beginning. purity.
He who looks from above sees the first objective facts, and he who looks from the ground will see what is on the ground

Ultimately, we will realize that what we need or desire is pure love, which is a desire without desire, this creativity
Artwork, this free thought, including its absolute ability and awareness of its abstraction and its initial purity.