Symbol of Illusion. High Heels Painting by Ritums Ivanovs

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Art Description

Painting: Oil on Canvas, Wood.

Art is fascinated by death. Death is fascinated by art. Of all the contemporary symbols used in society, skull is a new one. In the still lives of 17th c. Netherlands, it was used as symbol of death - Vanitas. Nowadays, art is fascinated by death, many artists have concepts on skulls. My interest came from observing portraiture figures in art, this is my personal realization of symbolic meaning of the skull as an illusory meaning of life and death in one, where death means everything, in a way death is life. It is a wide symbol, but nowadays symbols get used in vague concepts (and get oversimplified everywhere by neglecting its real meaning). Strong symbolism becomes loose. I would like ot connect the ideas of symbol and illusion, hence my concept, "Symbol of Illusion".

My series shows a conclusion on what I think life is. The images are obvious, but the meaning is my personal one. I would like to put these together. In society, we encounter strong images of facts, of a skull, which is not always a symbol. A SKULL is not a symbol. It is an ILLUSION of a symbol. The juxtaposition between images starts forming a non-linear story, this can be compared to a surrealist film where images are separated from their own meaning, they don't make a story on their own. The story can be revealed by a nuance, the concept of one angle.

Life is illusion
Death is illusion
Symbols are illusions
Images are symbols
Face/portrait is image of life
Skull is the structure of portrait
Skull is the image of life
Skull is the image of death
Death symbolizes the end
And gives meaning to life.




Symbol of Illusion. High Heels

Ritums Ivanovs



Size: 27.6 W x 30.7 H x 1.6 in

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