Trylon & Perisphere Painting by John Deecken

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Art Description

Painting: Acrylic, Ballpoint Pen on Paper.

The title of this piece is a nod to the 1939 New York World's Fair motif the Trylon & Perisphere.. images of which were everywhere at the time even appearing on a shoulder patch worn by the NY Yankees. The line shapes that I've drawn here are purely random but they remind me of that 1939 concept.

The original painted piece is actually quite small... just trading card (ACEO) size.. but I thought this would look great super enlarged. The lines themselves I drew with a ballpoint pen with my eyes closed no less.. on a small trading card sized piece of ultra smooth photo paper.

After attempting several groups of these "doodles" I chose the more interesting ones to develop. Of those that were subsequently painted, I've chosen the most appealing ones to enlarge and offer as wall-sized prints here exclusively on Saatchi.

For years much of my art entailed the development of an embryonic thumbnail sketch into a larger more detailed finished piece of art.. whatever the genre. Although one can get amazing results that way something is always lost of that original spontaneous thumbnail creation. But you can’t just enlarge a thumbnail drawing and have it just BE a finished piece because thumbnails are notoriously rough and incomplete.

With this series of abstracts I’ve worked around those issues by making sure that the original impulsive doodle (thumbnail) is adequately prepped to actually be the finished piece.. if all goes well of course.

So I selected from the best finished cards and scanned them at 48-bit color and 1600dpi. This is the best that my scanner can do and it’s very adequate for a Saatchi print all the up to 45” x 30”. Working with a 48-bit instead of a 24-bit scan allows for more subtle capture of colors so that when the image is enlarged by an order of 10 to the maximum that Saatchi can produce, the colors with be rich and textures very unique. On this particular piece, I sanded some of the color away for some extra textural variation.

While working on the scans I was amazed at the tiny dust particles that the human eye would never notice on the originals. These I wiped off digitally so that all the areas of color are as solid and clean as if they were painted at the larger size.

I’ve been enjoying making these and will continue to do so.. and I hope that you can enjoy them as well!




Trylon & Perisphere

John Deecken

United States


Size: 30 W x 45 H x 1 in

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