x-rayed IX Photograph by Tamme M

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x-rayed IX

Tamme M


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About The Artwork

'x-rayed' is a series of images in one of my conceptual photography projects. For me, photography and image processing is always to some extent 'ready-made' due to the given (programmed) technical possibilities: Designed to create an image of something under the rules of (programmed) technology. Photography can only create something really new if the photographer acknowledges this limitation by technology and searches for something new, something to be created in the meaning of the images. The subject can often be replaced, since the message of an image results from much more than just the subject. This is also the case for this project, x-rayed - although I have purposely chosen stones as the subject of the series of images. We live in a time in which human interaction seems to become more and more superficial. The individual takes up more and more space in his or her own cosmos, leaving a smaller and smaller space for fellow human beings, society and the 'big picture'. Mindfulness-for the moment, for our surroundings, for our fellow human beings, perhaps even for the meaning of our existence-is an antidote to this trend. And mindfulness can happen in every moment. Without any preparation anyone can immediately become mindful for the moment. The more mindful you are, the closer your connection to things and people is. And the closer this connection becomes, the more you understand things and people. Until, at some point, you have the feeling of being able to see through the facade, into the heart and soul of things and people. 'Mindfulness is a necessary counter-movement to modern Egocentricity'. To connect with a stone, to look behind its facade, sounds impossible - maybe even ridiculous. That is why stones are the ideal motif for this project: they express that mindfulness is not something that happens by itself or is simple. Being mindful requires practice. Being mindful in every moment requires constant practice. Once you have made the arduous beginning, mindfulness can be a constant, something lasting and enriching experience in your own life, changing your view of the stones on our path. ------------ This is a limited edition of 25 images, hand-signed and numbered on the back of the print - including a certificate of authenticity, of course. The images are printed on Hahnemuelhe Agave Fine Art paper. The Agave paper is a fine structured, 290g/m² heavy paper which consists of only 30% cotton. 70% of the paper is made of Sisal (Agave). Agave is a fast-growing raw material that does not require pesticides and little water in cultivation. This helps to save valuable resources and thus protect the environment. Furthermore, Hahnemuehle Agave Fine Art Paper is free of optical whiteners. The technical data of the paper: -290 g/m², 70% sisal fibres, 30% cotton -White, without optical whiteners -coarse, yet gently pronounced surface texture -acid and lignin free -ISO9706 compliant / museum quality for highest aging resistance ------------------- You are also welcome to purchase this image as a unique digital blockhain (ethereum) asset: http://tamgr.at/ui8tt ------------------- Other size or other finish? If you are looking for a different size of this image or would like to have it printed on a different medium, please contact the Saatchi team and we will immediately come up with something to meet your needs.

Details & Dimensions

Print:Giclee on Fine Art Paper

Size:12 W x 8 H x 0.1 D in


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Art to me is comparable to the big Mystery of Love - it is both a form of Freedom and Hope. It is also the expression of the human being and as such it is subject of the duality of our existence. Thus, it cannot avoid illustrating opposites, as it does in everything that it illustrates: No Beauty without Ugliness, no Light without Shadow, no Desire without Fear. Artistically I try to approach these poles through multiple perspectives. That's why in my images you can often find more than one vision of an object. I like to use supporting technologies such as multiple lenses or infrared film, which push the viewer to a different view than the usual perspective. Tamme is a visual artist from Northern Germany. After completing his degree in Art and working as a photographer for several years, he is currently focusing on the artistic articulation of his inner world and his view on the world. As a freemason he believes that every individual is able to improve himself as a human being in order to build a better world through this work on the individual. This is the reason why, despite his awareness of the duality of our existence, he always attempts to first present a positive view of the objects and motives. As a nature lover and frequent traveler, Tamme finds many of his objects and motives in nature or in everyday life. To share the resulting images with his community, he founded Gratus Art (https://gratus.art) ( gratus [lat]: grateful, thankful)