Rames Xelhuantzi

Rames Xelhuantzi

Mexico City, Mexico

About Rames Xelhuantzi


“Creating images and stories is the way I can connect with my soul and express my emotions.”

The reality is something malleable through the lens’ eye. Just implant a trained, fashion oriented, look into the scenery of nature, into a moment of life in the city, a human event or to invoke the simple beauty of an object that asks to live forever on a snapshot.

The artist place the beauty in the eyes the beholder and make an impact through that fact. A positive one, evidently.

Just one simple glance at Rames’ art invites to appreciate the beauty and greatness of our planet.

After his studies on painting and cinematography, Rames found his own language through photography as a way to capture, encapsule, to own the inherent beauty on art, fashion design, traveling, feminine beauty and unique locations.

His vision have seduced several brands and advertising agencies that have demand his exclusive craft to develop concepts and advertising campaigns, among them are: Christian Dior, Garnier, Mont Blanc, Revlon, Sony, Reebok and L’Oréal.

His photography flirts with eternity in magazines such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Zink, Reluxe Hong Kong, Esquire, Marie Claire, among many others.

He also participated in international exhibitions in New York, Mexico and Saint Petersburg.


???? The Reflected Eye international photo exhibition in New York.

Selected as one of the Great Photographers that has appeared in the pages of the CONDE NAST & HEARST´S magazines throughout its history (1930-2020)

???? The Reflected Eye Exhibition in New York City (international Fashion Photography exhibition)

???? Photo Vernissage St. Petesburg, Russia (International Photo Exhibition, representing Mexico)

???? INFASHION magazine´s Anniversary Photo Exhibition (selected as on of the best fashion photographers in Mexico and Latin America)

2008 ELLE magazine international photo exhibition in Mexico City.