Ray Gray

Ray Gray

Isola del Gran Sasso, Italy

About Ray Gray

I am a data scientist, and ML/3D developer at RnD Team Studio, which I am running together with my partner. I started working with 3D at university, first in scientific applications and in the recent years in generative art.

Being born (1976), raised and educated in Warsaw, Poland, I was never staying more than two or three years in one place in my scientist part of life. This journey took me to Japan, USA, and many European countries. I was working at all major laboratories, such as CERN in Switzerland, JPARC in Japan, Fermilab in USA and LNGS in Italy, leading the reconstruction and analysis efforts for neutrino physics experiments. That lasted more than a decade after making Ph.D., and took me to a level where politics and administration overwhelmed the research. Then I decided to change the direction.

Now, settled in Gran Sasso, Italy, I am practicing my engineering skills in the artistic way. I am using mainly generative and algorithmic techniques, and create abstract as well as figurative compositions. I am searching for unreal worlds, where physically impossible objects resemble shadows and shapes of the world that surrounds us.

Because of the generative nature of my works, each copy can be unique (you'll see that noted in the artwork description). Composition and color palette remain constant, but there are fluctuations in details. This makes each piece unique, even if it is a part of a limited edition. Images of all works are always up to date, so the piece you are buying is exactly what you see on the screen.

Most of my work is created with the software that I authored myself. It is available under the academic free license on GitHub: https://github.com/rnd-team-dev/plotoptix


Ph.D. in electronics at WUT, Warsaw, Poland.

Google Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics 2016.

Self-taught 3D artist and photographer.