Ren Wilson

Ren Wilson

Humacao , USA, Puerto Rico

About Ren Wilson

- 10 + years K-12 Visual Fine Arts Educator
- NAEA Member
- AAE Member
- Professional Mixed-Media artist

I'm a lifetime artist-educator and I produce artworks using traditional art techniques, self-expression, and new artistic discovery.
I'm currently creating abstract photography works with a technique I call "splashart" abstract art, and acrylic pour paintings. SplashArt is a technique where water and paint splash together while I take video and still images of the paint and water transitioning and morphing to create abstract photography paintings. The paper or canvas is ready when dry or photography prints are produced. When necessary, photoshop is used to enhance color quality.


* Associates Degree in General Studies
* Bachelors of Art in Studio Art
* Masters of Art in Art Education


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