Julian Strasser

Julian Strasser

Osthofen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany

About Julian Strasser

A contemporary artist living in Osthofen, Germany. My subjects are portraits, figures, flowers, nature and landscapes. To capture the very special character of a person or even of a place and its atmosphere is something
I appreciate about my work as an artist. To give the artwork something precious, lively and unrepeatable by letting the deep inspiration flow in to the fine process of creation is one of my aims during painting or drawing. The images of my artworks have a variety of sources. Sometimes it´s a real person that made an certain impression on me, sometimes it´s a memory of my childhood, sometimes a dream or just a picture inside, coming through inspiring artwork, music or literature. I would love to see the audience heartily enjoying my art, being blessed by the beauty of the unique and lovely created artworks.


Since a very young age I was passionate about painting and drawing. With private art lessons in my youth I had the opportunity to learn various techniques, gain knowledge about art history and develop my first own characteristic styles.

In 2011 I achieved the master degree (Master of Arts) in communication design at Hochschule Mannheim University of Applied Sciences with a design project including
art, illustration, music and literature.


Several successful exhibitions in Germany with a very positive press and constant selling.