Ricardo G Silveira

Ricardo G Silveira

Caracas, Miranda, Venezuela

About Ricardo G Silveira

Ricardo G. Silveira, Venezuelan who has been involved in Digital Art since the 90s. His work is done directly on the computer, without any prior sketches or sketches, only working with strong colors and multiple geometric shapes, he builds his Abstract Art , which by its own abstract nature would exist independently of the visual reality of the world around us.

"I do abstract paintings, I don't worry about representing the figurative form. I refuse to imitate the outside world"


He was born in Caracas, Venezuela. He has been in digital art since the 1990s. He is dedicated to developing a type of abstract art, based, however, on Nature, since he considers it his greatest source of inspiration. In addition to the fact that one of his favorite hobbies is Astronomy, he therefore also draws inspiration from the universe in general to create each work of art. The artist himself qualifies his art as creative and original and assures that he has never had any inconvenience to "make his Art".

He is part of the CONARTE Venezuela group, the only Venezuelan website that is dedicated to showcasing designers who are dedicated to digital art. This has allowed him to learn from the artistic techniques of other international digital artists, and it has also helped him to make his works known abroad. He does not work with any special technique, he simply makes art using a computer.

Ricardo G. Silveira, a good reference in terms of creativity turned into "Digital Art" images full of color, his technique also reflects all his talent, which is why his portfolio is impressive due to the variety of his proposals, in which we see originality, drawings in abstract style.

Ricardo, is Venezuelan and is part of the Latin American talent that we like to share in Correo Cultural de Conarte, we find a job full of passion and that reflect the taste for his trade, his talent and ingenuity have made many admire him in the Community Conarte


Ricardo G. Silveira was born in Caracas, from an early age he showed deep interest in Art. His tendency is self-taught, currently doing his digital work done directly on the computer. My technique is digital and my style is abstract. "Abstract art stops considering the need for figurative representation justified and tends to replace it with an autonomous visual language, endowed with its own meanings (iconography). Abstract art uses a visual language of form, color and line to create a composition that can exist independently of visual references in the real world "This concept sums up all my artistic work.

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