sara richins

sara richins

Mount Airy, NC, United States

About sara richins

Sara is an artist, a writer, poet, and Nutritionist. She has been painting only for a few short years but has a collection of over 200+ pieces. You would never be able to tell, but the most fascinating thing about her art, is that she is colorblind!

Like most artists, I am inspired by everything around me and I am constantly seeking out new things and new ways to be inspired.
Before I knew it, I was creating my own artworks and art pieces.
I was astonished! Never before had I thought of myself as the "creative" or "artsy" type. But there before my eyes, was nothing short of beautiful! It had color and vibrancy and life! And I haven't put down the brush since!
The farther I travel down this road the farther I grow into my own beautiful artwork and the more I transform into the person I am meant to be.
I hope my art can bring beauty and shed a light of hope and new life into your life!

God bless my friends, I wish you the best!


Holistic Nutritionist Counselor.
Published Author.
Art-wise, I am completely self-taught.


New Book Out Now!
"A Strange Land"
By: Sara Richins