Roberto Prusso

Roberto Prusso

Butuan, Caraga, Philippines

About Roberto Prusso

Born in Stanislaus county California. life long artist naturalist, and environmental advocate. I have lived, and studied/practiced art styles, and techniques in Japan, Mexico, and southwest states of U.S.A. I now live in Butuan City, Mindanao, where I practice my works on paper. Composer of Haiku/Tanka poetry. In the quiet and calm of solititude there is a pleasure in the forest; or woodland trail, or a sublime rapture along a lonely shore, that the artist may shape ideas from natural objects that are significant of something other than itself, where the artist may find secret images perceived and best accord to crystalize into thought, then fix it into form on canvas, paper, or wood for intimate viewing......Roberto Prusso.


Several Institutions of higher learning. Rendering of Images self educated.