Roland Fakler

Roland Fakler

Ammerbuch - Reusten, South-West Stuttgart area, Germany

About Roland Fakler

1953 I am born in Leutkirch / South-west Germany.After high school diploma (Abitur) I studied one semester of medicine at the university of Tuebingen, but soon , in 1975, I decided however to follow my deep desire and since that time I am a freelance artist in Ammerbuch, near Tuebingen; painting, composing, thinking. writing about history and philosophy. My art is a counterpoint to the horrors of history. With my pictures I try to create harmony, with my thoughts I try to solve the problems of the world.
In the end what counts is a personality that brings love, harmony, beauty, peace and reason into the world. Thank you to Saatchi; he is a great help to do so with his online forum.
I won't make friends with ghosts, so please show your face, if you ask me!


Youtube-Video: Pictures form 4 decades 1975-2015