Rose Elle

Rose Elle

Memphis, TN, United States

About Rose Elle

I create digital and mixed media art under the name of Rose Elle.

I use my artist's name because I am already known as a writer, musician, scholar, and college professor. My legal name is Alice Roseanna Sommers Long, Ph.D.

Much of my work begins as a photograph I have taken. Others take life from a simple blank digital canvas. Whatever I imagine may result in a piece that often allows me to surprise myself.

I use only one live human model: me. I have several abstract portraits (Catherine Deneuve, for instance) that are based on my own face.

All work offered for sale is entirely my own.

Step inside the world I project. You are most welcome.

Please note: Occasionally, I do digital restorations of old portraits and photographs. I do not sell these restorations.

I did discover a most unusual miniature recently--done in oil on ivory & attributed to Élisabeth Vigée-Lebrun. The original is very badly damaged and is/was for sale by a dealer in Europe.

What I see in that tiny, tattered miniature is something I have never before encountered. This portrait of a young woman, guillotined near the end of The French Revolution, can be "read" by someone capable of contextualizing it. Because of its value in being seen clearly by art, history, & humanities students, I did two digital restorations: one that brings the subject "to life"; the other that shows the macabre nature of the original, which was not painted from life, but from two other portraits--in memoriam. The subject is Lucile Duplessis Desmoulins, her image taken from her Boilly portrait (now at Paris' Musée Carnavalet) and an odd, model-driven family portrait by Jacques Louis David.

This is "The Red Violin" of miniatures. Upon request, I will share my restorations. But they are not for sale.

Thank you.
Rose Elle
(Alice R. S, Long)


BA: English & History; MA: English Literature & Cultural Studies; MFA: Creative Writing & Arts; Ph.D.: English Language Learning

My real education comes from a lifetime in the arts and onstage. I see depth, color, and life from an artist's perspective. It is the sole perspective I have.