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FINE ARTS; 1970 -- 2021
Painter, Researcher, editor and Exhibitor
Art& craft books editor
Drawing art for school..pottery & ceramic... graphic art materials..2018..2021
Publisher .ameer book for drawing technologies license no..5947/12/2018..on 2019
International no.ISBN978-9957-514-41-9 (RDMK)
Pottery & Contemporary art works via waste materials on 2018.
Technical & scientific research for advanced transparent oil painting and painting on special type of paper via stained glass colors as well as three dimensional oil painting with colors thickness 1-1.5 mm all results are successful results obtained on: 2015 - 2016.
More than Completed five years: non-published research on drawing under title; (Drawing art, Learning & Technology) research located on 180, A 4 pages

Completed four years advanced study for oil painting technical, scientific, practical and statistical research; concerning colors matrix, timing for calculation of shadows influences caused by thin foil of transparent coloring surfaces on pigments and other related subject 2008.
Unique technique of oil painting on canvas Painters called that technique; "private and specialized school.” 2000.

In accordance with my passion for art and interest in chemistry grew in my home laboratory as experiments like oil painting research on medical grade gypsum, polymers sheet, transparent trace paper, proving that intriguing colors are produced with chemistry the blend of science and art have afford unique visual effect 1998.

Arrangement of Practical and theoretical artistic programs for ; ability exploration teaching ,learning and practicing for fine arts and handmade crafts works in general .
Many paintings have been obtained by artistic establishments , art galleries , and individual art collectors in different countries : Iraq , Tunisia , Jordan , Lebanon Italy ,Germany ,Canada ,Denmark ,Switzerland , France , turkey ,Vatican and USA .

Painting with scientific vision.
Three one-man show, certified & approved; 1991, 1993, 1995
More than 10 Certified and approved artistic exhibitions.
Please ---- documents are available upon special request.
Publications; 1998 – 2021: Scientific, Environmental, and Cultural Articles
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Education : Science in General Chemistry, University of Mosul, Iraq, 1981



Objective; Research & Development section (R &D) New, practical& industrial advanced research works at chemistry & chemical industry fields.


Surface Finishing Technology, Metal coating, Electroplating, and Anodizing.

Safe, colored dyes for aluminum anodized layer at anodizing process.
Iron phosphate technology, which does not, obeying the ordinary rules.
Completed study, design & construction for metal treatment & coating projects.

Water Treatment, Raw, drinking, industrial waste Water Treatment & microbiology.
Research arrangement, bench scientist & quality control insurance.

Food Industries; general studies &consultations.
Chromatography, Ion Exchange, Absorbents, Activated carbon and Silica gel Technologies.

Environment, Technical, applied and originated Scientific research.
Chemical industry, Fine chemicals preparation, laboratories setting & arrangement for general specific application.

Metals treatment & purification and refining, Glass, pottery & ceramic technologies.
Pilot Plant Design and Construction, for all the above- mentioned fields.

CIP –UNITS –Cleaning in Place Technical, Scientific services for the abovementioned Food, Water & Other related industries

Technical, Scientific & Practical consultation, Quotation submitting, employee training.
Good and helpful electrical, mechanical & computer background information.

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Education : Science in General Chemistry, University of Mosul, Iraq, 1981
Languages : English & Arabic


FINE ARTS LIST ; 1970-2021
Painter / Exhibitor
Don Quijote: Painting Contest in Homage to Cerventes
Institute Cerventes, Amman JORDAN - June 1999

Exibition: A Collection of Arabic Painters
Dara Al-Anda, Amman JORDAN - February, 1999

Darat Al-Funun, Amman JORDAN - October, 1998

3rd One Person Exhibit
Al Bayraq Gallery, Amman JORDAN - February - March, 1995

Al Rewaq Art Gallery, Baghdad, IRAQ - June, 1994

Art Friends Gallery, Baghdad, IRAQ - June, 1994

Exhibition for International Art Day
Baghdad, IRAQ - 1994

Exhibition: Art Friends Gallery
Baghdad, IRAQ - 1993

Exhibition: A Collection of Baghdad Artists
Al Sarraf Art Gallery, Baghdad, IRAQ - 1993

International Babylon Arts Festival
Baghdad, IRAQ - 1993

2nd One Person Exhibit
Al Rewaq Gallery, Baghdad, IRAQ
August - September, 1993

Ibdaat Art Show: A Collection of Artists - Innana Gallery, Baghdad, IRAQ
May - June, 1993

1st One Person Exhibit
Innana Gallery, Baghdad, IRAQ - September - October, 1991

Mosul University, Mosul, IRAQ - 1977

Iraqi Universities Festival, Academy of Fine Arts
Baghdad, IRAQ - 1976

School Shows
Mosul, IRAQ - 1970

Scientific, Cultural, and Environmental Articles
Al Arab Al Yawm Newspaper, 1998 Amman, Jordan

Old Vehicles and Their Negative Environmental Effects
Ref: 587 – 25/12/1998

The Golden Tree and Colored Vapors
Ref: 579 – 17/12/1998

Restoration of Fine Arts
Ref: 565 – 3/12/1998

Environmental Immigration
Ref: 559 – 27/11/1998

The Environment and Common Chemical Compounds
Ref: 552 – 20/11/1998

Sodium Chloride – NaCL – The Common Salt
Ref: 544 – 11 /12/1998

The Giant Cigarette and the Environmental Tragedy
Ref: 531 – 30/10/1998

Silica, Minerals, and Heat Technology
Ref: 517 – 16/10/1998

Industrial Pollution and the Pollution Industry
Ref: 510 – 9/10/1998

Invitation for Industrialists to Visit the Waste Water Treatment Plants
Ref: 503 – 2/10/1998

Oil Paintings & Technical Concepts
Ref: 489 – 18/9/1998

Industrial Waste Water, Sources, Specifications, and Treatments
Ref: 475 – 4/9/1998

Old Architecture, Raw Materials, Formation and Decay
Ref: 475 – 4/9/1998