Sabina Fabryczny

Sabina Fabryczny

, Ireland

About Sabina Fabryczny

While studying nature the greatest painters were penetrating the mystery of light and space in the attempt to create their illusion on canvas.

Sabina Fabryczny is one of those painters fascinated with light.

Her paintings emanate inner light which makes the canvas vibrate in front of the viewers’ eyes.

Sabina’s still lifes, one of her most favourite subjects, challenge the boundary between representation and abstraction.

The canvas’ surface is very often built up as a whole with one or two dominant colours. This creates unity and clarity of the depiction, whereas the application of glazing allows for the elicitation of depth and spaciousness from the painting’s surface.

When describing Sabina Fabryczny’s artistic fascinations and achievements her drawings can not be ignored. Deformations and conscious composition of the characters are instrumental in adding new dimension to the well known reality. Sabina’s excellent intuition in applying the abundant range of greyness and deep velvety blackness to her drawings gives the viewers an opportunity to fully appreciate and relish those truly enchanting and delightful works of art.
prof. Jaroslaw Chrabaszcz


Sabina Fabryczny is graduate of the Academy of Fine Art in Lodz (Poland) with a degree in painting.


Group Exhibition "Trzy Gracje", Clakier Caffe, Łódź
Group Exhibition "Cała Polska maluje", Dorum Art Galeria Czajka, Warszawa
Group Exhibition „13 Aukcji Młodej Sztuki”, Desa Unicom Warszawa
Solo Exhibiton in Baltic Gallery , Słupsk
Group Exhibition"Rocznik ASP 2011", Centralne Muzeum Włókiennictwa, Łódź
Prize at "6 Biennale Sztuki Młodych- Rybie Oko", Bałtycka Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej, Słupsk
Group Exhibition "Wiara, Nadzieja, Walka", Dom Artysty Plastyka, Warszawa
Group Exhibition „Nowy Ornament” w ramach Międzynarodowego Triennale Tkaniny w Łodzi
Solo Exhibition „Sabina Fabryczny DRAWINGS”, „Widok”, Łódź
Grand Prix at International Festival of Drawing, Zabrze 2005