SACHA turchi

SACHA turchi

Milan, Lombardia, Italy

About SACHA turchi

"Various species of leaves, insects, different flowers ... grouping and analysing them. This is what I liked doing as a child. I loved listening to stories and I also liked inventing stories of my own. Observing the shape, the colour, the consistency, the smell and then sectioning, macerating and drying them was something very interesting to me. I would stay days, weeks, months observing the slow changes of every form in nature. I was living those events as part of an adventure. Something that I also loved very much was drawing clothes with non-specular parts... or drawing vignettes about families changing their lives, moving from generation to generation. today it's not that different ... I still do those things ..."

Sacha Turchi (1988) is an artist characterized by an intense theoretical research that ranges from medical to anthropological, sociological and scientific fields, such as chemistry, biology and botany to explore different natural materials, creating new ones or reworking known ones. All her works are studied and developed around the body and the human dimension considering human needs and characteristics. Her research deals with topics related both socially and culturally to human beings, and she also explores the relational dynamics with which the individual moves in different areas, taking into account generational transitions. For Sacha everything becomes a useful metaphor to the user for whom she uses archetypal figures and known images to tell something deep. Sacha’s work moves in different environments, with which thanks to her dynamic research she creates continuous collaborations, with doctors and academics for her material research, but also with architects, stylists or more distant figures as educators or business entrepreneurs with whom she develops projects of different nature.


Solo show:
- February
Installation for LUISS University
Galleria Matèria (Double exposure)
Via tiburtina 149 (Rome)
Gallery Davide Paludetto Contemporary Art
Via degli artisti 10 (Totin)
Castle of Rivara
Museum and Contemporary Art Centre (Turin)
“Makrama” for category “Evolution of dreams”.
in collaboration with Operativa ArteContemporanea
Double exposure of Sacha Turks and Leonardo Aquilino
by Stefano Verri
House Sponge (Pergola-Italy)
edited by Sponge ArteContemporanea
SetUp Art Fair (Bus-XX Settembre-Bologna -Italy)
Interno 14 , Via Carlo Alberto 63, Rome