Susanne Boehm

Susanne Boehm

Mannheim, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany

About Susanne Boehm

Susanne Boehm is a pioneer of the New German Pop Art. She creates artworks with „New Teutonic Lightness“ (according to a press article).

Her inspiration: People on the streets, in the media, her family, her biography. The everyday normality appeals to her. Sometimes she is fascinated by an original pattern. She mixes patterns with figures and shapes. People like you and me are in the foreground. She is focused on the essentials, she shows anonymous faces that anyone can fill with their own memories. Susanne Boehm sees herself in the tradition mainly of the American Pop Art. Her greatest impression is the art of Alex Katz, David Hockney and James Rosenquist. The geometry of the hard-edge painting of Ellsworth Kelly and Frank Stella fascinates her. In her opinion Pop Art reflects our present time, the Zeitgeist. Pop Art is not dead, more than in the Sixties, people are flooded with advertising, pictures and movies.


2004-2008 Free Academy of Arts Mannheim (Diploma in Visual Arts)
1986–93 Studies of business administration at the University of Bamberg and at the University of applied sciences, Coburg (Master of business administration)


2021 ‚Du und ich‘, DOK:TOR, Schriesheim
2020 CORONALE, Mannheimer Kunstverein
2019 ‚6x6’, Rochester Contemporary Art Center, Rochester, New York
2018 ‚Kunst tut gut‘, Charity Auction, Rosengarten, Mannheim
2017 'New German Pop Art', Grace Denker Gallery, Hamburg
2016 'multi_cultural_generational', Lichtmeile, Mannheim
2015 'Power Pop', Galerie im Schloss, Hemsbach
2014 'Gertrud Ursula Maria and the others', KultTour, Mannheim
2012 'Please Wait', Lichtmeile, Mannheim
2012 'Der Feind in Dir', Kahnweilerhaus, Rockenhausen
2012 'Ring an sich', Hockenheim
2011 'Shitty', Lichtmeile, Mannheim
2010 'Lusts of the Flesh', KultTour, Mannheim
2009 OW-ART, Buchen