Serhiy Savchenko

Serhiy Savchenko

Lviv, lviv, Ukraine

About Serhiy Savchenko

Born 1972 in Lviv, Ukraine.
In 1991 graduated from the Lviv College of Decorative and Applied Arts named by I. Trush.
In 1998 graduated from the Lviv Academy of Arts.
Works in the field of painting, drawing, photography, video, animation, street sculpture, object.
Curator of residencies program in Museum of Ideas in Lviv, Ukraine
Participates in international residencies, workshops and art events in Ukraine and worldwide.
Founder of Savchenko Gallery in Gdansk,


1991 Graduated from Lviv Decorative and Applied Art College named after I. Trush. 1998 Graduated from Lviv Academy of Art. Lives and works in Lviv, Ukrainefrom 1992 more then 70 solo and group exhibitions in Ukraine and another countries,


3.09.2016 “JPS” ( Jump Point Search) Ukrainan-Polish group art project, instalation of street miniature, Museum of Ideas, Lviv, Ukraine, curating and participation.

1.09-9.09.2016 Author Project. VlodKaufman & Serhiy Savchenko. In frame of Week of Actual Art in Lviv, pilot project ” Leminarium, Lviv Art Palace, Lviv, Ukraine

4.08.2016-24.08.2016 “Public Relations” Serhiy Savchenko & Coproduction , painting, graphic, animation, Gallery MEF, Izola, Slovenia

24.06.-26.06.2016 participation in art festival ” Wschód Kultury ” and ” Stadion cultury” in Rzeszow, poland in visual projects “Marzhenie artysty” and ” Popamiatki”

04.06-05.06.2016 Curating and participating in Art weekend “Galagany” with Kamila Bednarska, Magda Uchman, Vasyl Savchenko, Michal Czerko, Piotr Woroniec Yunior, Dominik Moryn, Nikita Viska, Ustym Fedko,

24.05-27.05.2016 “Intimities” Kamila Bednarska & Serhiy Savchenko , festival “Innowica”, Nowica, Poland

09.03.2016-22.03.2016 Serhiy Savchenko, “Dispersion” Gallery Tryptych-Art, Kyiv, Ukraine

3.03.2016 Kamila Bednarska & Serhiy Savchenko in Pub Kultura , Rzeszow, Poland

27.11.2015 -05.12.2015 curating and participating in First International Festival of print makers, Museum of Ukrainian Paintings, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

22.09.2015-01.10.2015 International art symposium in Knyazha Hora, Red Black Gallery, Kaniv, Uktraine

10.09.2015-18.09.2015 international art symposium, Mallnitz, Austria

01.08.2015-30.01.2015 Ukrainian-Slovenian project MES, “Move inside”, “Siske”, Isola,Slovenia

23.06.2015-30.06.2015 Mur Art, Rzeszow, Poland

22.06.2015-26.06.2015 Slovenia odperta za umetnost-2015, internacional art simposium,Sinji Vrh, Slovenia

21.05.2015-13.07.2015 Le Gens, solo exhibition in Gallery Hebert, Grenoble, France.

16.06.2015-3.07.2015 L’art fait Face, Maison De l’InternacionalL, Grenoble, France.

8.04.2015-18.04.2015 “Earth that…” Kamila Bednarska, Serhiy Savchenko, Magda Uchman, Olexiy Khoroshko. Graphick, instalation, video, Museum of Ideas, Lviv, Ukraine,

24.03.2015-08.04.2015 “Not My Shadow Not my Body?” , Graphic of Serhiy Savchenko in Gallery of bookstore “Ye”, Ivano-Frankivsk”

4.03.2015-17.03.2015″ Earth” , Serhiy Savchenko, Graphick, paintings. Gallery “Tryptych-Art” , Kyiv, Ukraine

09,08,2014-08,09,2014 “Erotica in landscapes” by Serhiy Savchenko, “From pragmatism of Malevich to Godless case” by Alyaksandr Zabavchik. Gallery Anarkhia,Kopavogi, Iceland

08.03.2014 “Intim”, paintings, Serhiy Savchenko,Red Black Gallery,CAC Knyazha hora, Kaniv, Ukraine

03,01,2014-25,01,2014 “Intim”, paintings, Serhiy Savchenko, Museum of Ideas, Lviv, Ukraine

29,01,2014-11,02,2014 “Intim”, paintings, Serhiy Savchenko, Gallery Tryptych-Art,Kyiv,Ukraine

14,10,13-30,10,13 spanish-ukrainian exhibition of paintings, Gallery Cartel, Malaga, Spain

September2013- Participation in Art Simposiun on Knyazha Hora , Kaniv, Ukraine

August 2013-Participationi Art plein air on Olhon island , Baykal, Russia. by Art Dias Gallery, Irkutsk , Russia

07. 2013-Paricipation in art Symposiun in Jablonka, Poland by Gallery Marzenie

06.2013 – participation in Art Simposium in Sinij Vrh, Slowenija

May 2nd ─ 6th, 2013
Taipei World Trade Center, Hall 3
paricipation in art exhibition Art Revolution Taipei 2013 as finalist of International Art Competition-2013.

23.01.2013-5.02.2013 solo exhibition of Serhiy Savchenko “Paintings ,1996-2013 selected” gallery Tryptych ART
opening 23.01.2013 18.00

11,01,2013-13,01,2013 New Art Fair , Gallery -73 ,Paris, France

27.12.2012-25.01.2013 “Process and Matter” , art project in Marina Scherbenko art center. Kyiv Ukraine

Published a book of poems Piotr Bussold (BUSSI) “Protoplastykon”. Artist Serhiy Savchenko, processing to print: Art Studio “Agrafka”, published with the support of: Stowarzyszenie Przyjaciół Nowicy

From 22 to 29 July 2012 in the Hotel “Terem” at CMT Slavske Lviv region art residence in the socio-artistic project “Ukrainian resid


Permanently cooperates with galleries and cultural centers:
Czech Republic
Art Master Gallery, Prague
Gallery-68, Copenhagen
Gallery Tornby, Bindslev
Appia Gallery, Grenoble
Gallery Arte-plurali, Audincourt, Belfort
Gallery-73, Paris
In-art Gallerie, Stuttgart
Galeria Marzenie» Rzeszow
Gallery Volga, Moscow
Gallery A-House, Kyiv
Gallery Bottega, Kyiv
Gallery Detenpula, Lviv, Ukraine
СAС Dzyga, Lviv
Musum of ideas, Lviv
Shcherbenko art center Kyiv
CAC Knyazha hora Kanev
Gallery Triptych-Art, Kyiv
Peace and Color Gallery, London

Participate in international art festivals:
2006 Art Karlsruhe, Germany
2006 Art Zurich, Switzerland
2006 Art Kyiv, Ukraine
2006 Art Manezh, Russia
2010 Affortable Art Fair, France
2010 Contemporary Istambul, Turkey
20010 Base’art Frejus, France
2007 Akzenta lattice, Austria
2006 Art Ireland, Ireland
2007 Art Metz, France
2008 Berlin Liste, Germany
2011 Fine Art, Ukraine
2013 New Art Fair, France
2013 Art Revolution Taipei, Taiwan