Adolf Seeburger

Adolf Seeburger

Bad Endorf, Bavaria, Germany

About Adolf Seeburger

Landart Performance :
The spear of fate goes south.
Working on such projects as:
geomancy, landart, film and video, art-gallery,performances, events, photography etc.

Expedition through Human Civilisation following Natural Lifestream. Flow River Flow - Flow to the Sea.



Adolf Seeburger, born on 28.01.1959 in Simbach / Inn.
Groupleader .
1979 College.
1980 Study of Interior Design in Rosenheim,Bavaria.
1985 Company for Horticulture and Landscaping.
Geomantic Garden Art and Design.
Organic Fruits and Vegetables generation.

In the year 1988, in a dream, I envisioned a remarkable Tree. Days later on my way to the SPIELBERG mountain my dream became TREE.
From that time on, destiny has taken me on a journey towards the source.

1988 Movie - and Video Productions together with Jan Eckhardt.
Mainly commercial work, but also some free productions.
1994 Freelancer at Pink Video, Munich.
Screenwriting , Directing , Production Management.
from 1995 free artist in sense of Joseph Beuys.
In addition to classical and modern expressions of art, the works develops more and more to social artworks. Created with groups of people art escapes from the pseudo-sacred rooms.


1996 Several Land Art Projects as e.g.: Ancestral Temple 1 and 2, Earth Snake, Bavaria.
Idafeld 1: Several weeks of Exhibition Campaign in Bad Aibling , Bavaria.
1997 Exhibition Campaign and Exhibition Management at Seebruck, Bavaria.
First Expedition for the Social Sculpture and Land Art Project : "Chiron's Passage".
"Chiron's Passage I ", an Art Expedition and the Beginning of the Kula Ring.
Film- Project about Bavarian Clearvoyants.
Second Expedition for : "Chirons Passage " from Salzburg , Austria to Mohacs Hungary.
1999 More Week Exhibition and Performance Campaign at Seeburger Castle in Austria.
Installation Wallersee: "Earth Raft - World Raft".
4 Weeks Exhibition inSeeburger Castle
Performance in Salzburg on Cathedral Square: "Primary Circuit Crucifix"
Multi-day - Performance and Land Art Project : "The Spear of Destiny goes South."
Movie Project: The Wild Women of Duerrnberg .
Land Art - Performance: " The Veiling of the Cross in the Area of the Laubenstein Mountain.
2000 Performance in Rosenheim.
"Crusade to the Crossing - The Veilers of the Cross Traverse ".
Installation: "Iced Cross", At the Educational Work Center at Rosenheim, Bavaria.
Multi-Day Land Art - Performance on and around Lake Chiemsee.: "The Ringing of the Bells".
2001 Temple Tree Project / Ashhouse 1, at Kohlstatt Mountain near Rosenheim,Bavaria.
Temple Tree Project / Ashhouse 2, at Tüssling near Altötting , Bavaria
Multi-Day Exhibition, Activity Days and Events at the Ashhouse 1 , near Kohlstatt Mountain.
2002 Performance and Installation: "Energy Space 1" , at Mangolding , Bavaria .
Third Expedition for "Chiron Passage ", from Passau, Bavaria to Budapest ,Hungary.
2003 Fourth Expedition for "Chirons Passage " , from Budapest Hungary to Beograd,Serbia.
More Land Art Projects in Austria, Italy , Slovakia , Hungary , Serbia.
Final performance in Beograd:
"The Burial of the Tomahawk and Heaven on Earth for all People."
Burning Sculpture : "Admonisher -Awakener"
2004 Foundation of the "Center for Land Design", in Friuli-Venezia, Italy.
Artist in Residence at The Center for Land Design at Pozzis, Friuli-Venezia, Italy.
2006 Return to Chiemgau, Bavaria .
Since that time Studio near Bad Endorf, Bavaria.
2007 Freelancer at Fa. Schmidt, Tutzing, Bavaria.Garden Art and Design.
Further Work on the Tree Houses
2008 Various Projects and Actions .
2009 Acquisition of Knowledge and Wisdom.
2010 Intensive Work on the Subject: German Society and Bureaucracy;
"The Federal Republic of Germany, Constitutional Claim and Reality".
Intensive Examination of the Concept of Social Sculpture.
The Society is Part of the Creative Process .
2012 Tree Temple Project / Temple of Trees
Forming the Dome at Ashhouse 1.
Studies on the Beehive.
Social Sculpture :"Heart of the Basic Law."
Multi Day Performance and Land Art Project :" The Celtic Trail".
2013 First Studies for Art Project : "The Emperor's Blue Track".
Working on a System to Secure the Tree Crowns at Ashhouse 1,
Preparatory Work for next Chiron Passages.
Construction Work for Social sculpture :"In Flow".
Departure to Camp 1


Visual DÉJA-VU,
found and formed objects,
such as: "Woods, Stones, Minerals, bones, feathers etc."
Driftwood on the shores of time.
Created by the elements.
in different techniques on the basic foundations of the finds.
Film & Video Projects.
Project IDAFELDER (holy area of old gods and godesses).
Ashhouses 1-3 ;Tempel of Trees.
Chirons Passage ,
an international art-expedition
and the beginning
of the Kula Ring.
More Art Campains and Exhibitions.
Huge number of Land Art projects.
7 works about the Cross, as a religious symbol.
Creating Center for Land Art in Italy.
Chiron ́s Passage from Bavaria to Serbia.
The Burial of the Tomahawk in Beograd.
Burning Man in Bavaria. Admonisher - Awakener. The Celtic Trail.
The Rivers Golden Trail.
The Golden Bridge.
Project Hauptstrom .