Stephan van Riezen

Stephan van Riezen

Emmen , Netherlands

About Stephan van Riezen

We all live together in this universe, but still we are alone.
All just little dots, wanting to be big.
It all starts with yourself.
Everybody can make it,...just believe...
Start living, start daring!!!

S.G. van Riezen, first name Stephan.
Born in 1978 in the Netherlands

I am a painter and sculpter. Have to make art every day. My mind is spinning around and around and need to put stuff on paper or canvas. Or create something out of a piece of wood or clay.

Art is my passion, I love to see it, I love to make it. All my art is coming from the heart. Everything that I paint or sculp is something out of my life. Whether it is something that I like or something that inspires me, I want to make it into my art.
I really enjoy making the art and hope everybody will enjoy it, Making you warm inside. Feel the butterflies in your stomach. Feel the art.
Be one with it, like I am.
I have great interest in history and (the history of) cultures. Of course you will see that back in some of the pieces that I made.


Rotterdam International Art Fair
12-13 September 2014