Sergey Shenderovsky

Sergey Shenderovsky

BALTA, Odessа, Ukraine

About Sergey Shenderovsky

I cordially greet you!
My name is Sergey Shenderovsky.
I work in different styles — realism, surrealism, fantasy. Also I perform my paintings at exhibitions and sell them, write for order as well, if buyer has similar art taste. I conduct international art plein-airs to communicate with like-minded colleagues, to be aware of current trends and for self-improvement.
I also write custom images for the covers of albums of rock- and metal-bands.
Similarly, I write images and illustrations for book editions.
Most of my work is filled with esoteric and philosophical meaning.


I graduated from a higher military school and am a reserve officer. Therefore, I am an amateur artist and have never even taken private lessons. I studied everything on my own. From theory to art history.
I saw life in its most destructive manifestations and this gave me the opportunity to vividly perceive and compare opposites and show them in my work. This allows me to penetrate much deeper and feel the essence of the phenomenon. I love symbolism, plot, allegorical and narrative.


Patron, organizer and head of the annual international municipal art plein airs.
Charitable art consultant for the city museum where I live.