Slade Hartwell

Slade Hartwell

Kirchzarten, Baden Württemberg, Germany

About Slade Hartwell

I am an American painter living and working in the lovely Black Forest region of southern Germany. I was born in Crowley Louisiana in 1973 and I have an Acadian (Cajun) background. It's been my pleasure to have lived in many wonderful places...from wild El Salvador to laid back Northern California, from the beautiful High Rockies in Colorado to Mainland Europe, and I've had some great adventures along the way...with many triumphs and failures.

Although I've always been an artist, circumstances led me into a career in high frequency metrology, begininng in the early 1990s. My work in RF metrology has been rewarding and challenging, and I'll always be grateful for the experience. It really taught me alot. The attention to detail and focus on precision that made me a successful metrologist are the same qualities that I now bring into making my art. As much as I enjoyed the laboratory enviornment, eventually there comes a point when it's time to move on. Art is the way forward for me.

They say it's never too late to create the life you want. I want my life to be about making tangible objects of beauty that will be seen and enjoyed by many people. I want my art to attract creative and positive people into my life. This is my wish, and I lay it plainly before you with an open and honest heart.


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