David Mangin

David Mangin

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

About David Mangin

My artworks, photographs and “Bengellis” Collages almost without exception, are metaphors, visual statements that hopefully pose more questions than answers. Visually ambiguous expressions that invite viewers to participate in the image making process itself. Evoke memory and trigger the imagination. On another, perhaps more deeply personal, level I try to create images that share and convey the fragile transience of our lives; the many mysteries that confound, confront and at times envelop us and I am fascinated by the dynamic infinite cycle of birth, growth, life and indeed the inevitability of death. Whether I am delving into the eloquently surreal and beautifully symbolic atmosphere of dreams or illustrating the sensuality of passion, (fleshed out in human form or illustrated perhaps more abstractly in the subjective forms of nature), my endeavor to achieve timelessness in my portraits of humanity remains an underlying constant that is fundamental to my art. Indeed, with some rare exceptions, (most expressly being my 911 twin towers triptych) it is difficult to find anything in my body of work that can lock viewers into contemporary society. The World I project is a pre visualized and re assembled combination of found items that I see, covet and photograph. My intention is to entice the viewer to participate more fully in a rewarding interaction and communion with my work. From the elequence of selective and distant memory to the immediate and ever evolving present. My envisioned humanity is Primal, Naked, Unadorned. Whether I am dealing with issues that convey and express my concerns for the Environment, Endangered Species, Indgenous Peoples or Third World Issues, my work adheres to personal constants that are essentially illustrations of Love and Wonderment.


Certificate of Business
Centre for Adult Education

Studied for Diploma of Illustrative Photography
1982/1985. Photographic Studies College. Melbourne, Australia.

School Certificate (New Zealand)
Mana College (New Zealand)


Photographically printing the Melbourne Olympic bid. Liaising with all fashion and motor industry clients culminating in my personal printing of the Australian Motor Show display murals for BMW,Mercedes and Audi for 3 consecutive years. To date! 69 works published in various books and magazines in both Australia and new Zealand.
Working for the New Zealand National Geographic and Illustrating the “Puna Wairere” publication for the New Zealand Government.¬


1973 Victoria University (Wellington, New Zealand) Group Exhibition. 1986 “Metamorphosis” at Printed Image Gallery (Melbourne, Australia) Solo Exhibition. 1989. “Snowfire” at Exposures Gallery (Wellington, New Zealand) Solo Exhibition. 1992. “Retrospective” Solo Exhibition of forty framed works, 422 Collins St Melbourne. 1994. “Summer Salon” Group Exhibition, Centre for Contemporary Photography. 2000. “Jewelled Daggers” at Eternal Arts Gallery (Melbourne, Australia)
Camera Craft April 1984, Volume 5 No 11, p 82 “Backstage”. Photoworld Volume 17 No 10, p75 “In Close”. Camera Craft June 1994, Volume 6 No 1, p62-63, 66 “Gemini”, “Untitled”. Photoworld Volume 17 No 11, p74 “The Dove”. Photoworld Volume 8 No 1, p72 “Emotion”. Photoworld Volume 8 No 4, p76 “Fire and Flowers”. Camera Craft December 1984, Volume 6 No 7, p67 “Kallista”. Photoworld Volume 8 No 6, p76 “Driftwood”. Photoworld Annual 1985, p107 “Untitled”. Camera Craft April 1985, Volume 6 No 11, p79 “Afterglow”. Camera Craft November 1986, Volume 8 No 6, Snowfire Series Portfolio: p1 “The Solitude”; p36 “The Vision”; p37 “The Betrayal” and “The Deluge”; p38 “The Consummation”. Beat Magazine No 145, June 1989. “Snowfire”. New Zealand Geographic No 5, January - March 1990, p15-16, 29, 91, 112-13. Puna Wairere: Essays by Maori (New Zealand Planning Council publication), August 1990, p4-5, 7a, 7b, 7c, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 22, 24, 26, 30, 32, 35, 37, 39, 41, 43, 47, 50, 52,55, 59, 60-61, 64-65, 69, 71, 73, 76, 79, 81, 83, 85, 88-90. Te Wheke: A Celebration of Infinite Wisdom by Rangimarie Turuki Pere, 1990, p58. Australian Photography February 1992, Portfolio: p50 “Virago” and “To Freedom”, p51 “Aurelian Delights” , p54 “Anthony and “The Passion”, p55 “The Departure”.