Sonja Bojanić

Sonja Bojanić

Novi Sad, Voivodina, Serbia

About Sonja Bojanić

Academy of Arts, Novi Sad, Serbia,;

ITAcademy by LINK group, Belgrade, Serbia


Master of Arts (MA) Degree in Painting
New Media Designer

Education and qualifications

Member of SULUV from 2016.

Master of Arts, Bachelor in Art in the class of Georgian Despotovski, associate professor, art department, painting direction, subject Digital painting at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad 2015.

Graduated at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, art department, painting department, in the class of professor Jovan Rakidžić. Acquired the title of Academic painter and professor of fine arts.

I studied at the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad. Philosophy with sociology.

Acquired a Certificate: Link ITAcademy Certified Design and Multimedia at ITAcademy-Department of Design and Multimedia-New Media Design- Belgrade. Acquired the title of New Media Designer.

Secondary education acquired in the Secondary School of Design "Bogdan Šuput" in Novi Sad.
Acquired the title of Interior designer and industrial design technician.

Acquired two certificates from the learning platforms
1. Art: Concepts and Techniques, The Pennsylvania State University, Online
2. Introduction to Philosophy, The University of Edinburgh, Online

Acquired a Statement of Participation Design 1o1 (or Design Basics) on the learning platform,
Accademia di Belle Arti, Catania.

I was a lecturer at “Dositej Obradovic” Primary School in Novi Sad (as a substitute teacher).

I have working experience in the ADOBE package of programs.
My English language level is an Upper-intermediate, certificate acquired on Link Group, ITAcademy, Belgrade.
The Italian language level A1, a certificate obtained in the Language School "SOHO", Novi Sad

Currently enrolled at the ITAcademy at the Audio and Video Production section.

In my previous work I have been researching and experimenting in the field of intermedia art, collage, assemblage and new art media as well as digital media.
Through the subject of my Master’s final paper “Spatial elements of the painting” I wanted to explore the relations of science and visual creativity, mathematics, biology and art. The essence and motives in the works are made of traces of observation by microscope and then transferring such a visible whole into the elements of space or ambience. In the details of these depictions we see the elements and relations of the resulting traces, organic and artificial, as well as the error, accuracy and coincidence. Sometimes these elements are a part of some kind of a technological process or they are part of my intervention.

In general my work is art and science colaboration that involves biologic patterns, patterns in nature.


Gallery SULUV

2019.- Open Studio _Cité Internationale des Arts,Paris
2019.- Mixer House ,Belgrade
2019.-Videomedeja, Novi Sad, Serbia
2018.-Videomedeja Novi Sad, Serbia
2017.- American Corner, Independent Exhibition, Novi Sad
2017.-Videomedeja, Novi Sad
2017.- Mikser House, Migration, Black Box, Belgrade
2017. Majdanart, International exhibition of miniatures, Majdanpek

2016 - SULUV - Exhibition of new members, Novi Sad
2016. - Videomedeja, Novi Sad
2016. - Biennial Miniatures Exhibition, Gornji Milanovac
2015 - "30x30" - group exhibition of the Cultural Center Zrenjanin
- Gallery of Contemporary Art of the Cultural Center Pančevo
- Srem Museum in Sremska Mitrovica
- ArtCENTAR, Belgrade

2009. "New Year's Exhibition of Small Format", Small Art salon, Novi Sad
- Illustrated illustration for children's calendar "Artists of Children", Sixpack Design, Belgrade

2008. Art Clinic - National Night of the Museum - "Petrovaradin Fortress in Works of Artists", Novi Sad

2007. Art clinic - National Night of the Museum - "Mona Liza", Novi Sad

2006.- "Arte-Rivista" - Club Latino, Novi Sad
- "Warhol Case" - Izba Gallery, Novi Sad
-International exlibris and graphic exhibition dedicated to Composed Akhmet Ckuanuli Zubov-Aktobe, Kazakhstan
-International exlibris and graphic exhibition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the artist
Ckukurusa Sergez Vasilyevich- Aktobe, Kazakhstan

2003.- Graduate exhibition - Gallery "Podrum", Novi Sad

2002.-Joint exhibition of students of the third year - Gallery "Hol", Academy of Arts in
Novi Sad
-The third photo of the students of the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad
-Oslo, Norwey-Yugoslav Cultural Center
-Gallery "ART GET", Belgrade
-Gallery of Contemporary Art, Pancevo
-Gallery of photo and video of Vojvodina, Novi Sad
2001.-IMPAKT festival- Utrecht, Netherlands
- I am a short electronic form KEF-REX, Belgrade
- International exlibris and graphic exhibition Culture and Spirit of Kazakhstan-
Aktobe, Kazakhstan
- Joint exhibition of students of the second year of the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad
2000.- Third Biennial Exhibition of Students of the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad-
Memorial collection of Paul Beljanski, Novi Sad
- Joint exhibition of final works of students of the first year of the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad
1999.- 30th Festival of Unprofessional Video Creation of Vojvodina, Novi Sad - Thanks for the experimental video "The Art Elements"