Sonja Mosick

Sonja Mosick

Hamburg, Germany

About Sonja Mosick

The sculptress Sonja Mosick lives as a sculptress in Hamburg/Germany. A stay of several years in St. Maarten / Netherlands Antilles has shaped and deepened their work.
She gets her inspiration from the mystical world. A world which eludes the evident. She translates her perception of a subjects appearance, virtually its aura, into tangible form. Her sculptures are abstractions of invisible but perceptible forces, petrified internal images transformed to soft shapes in hard stone – evocative and emphatic


University of Hildesheimcultural pedagogics, Fine Art major2000

Modestudio Nesweda  dressmaker  1992


2013 Sculpture Matinée, artists residence, Hamburg

 Gallery Andrea König, Oppenheim

2012 Waterworlds, Gallery Tropismes, St. Martin, French West Indies
Gallery Andrea König, Oppenheim
2011 Stones in the Light of Heaven, St. Maarten, Netherland Antilles

Joyful Living, seminar with Chuck Spezzano, Burg Rothenfels
2010 In the Depth of the Heart, seminar with Chuck Spezzano,
 Burg Rothenfels
Happy Relationships, seminar with Chuck Spezzano
, Hamburg
2009 The Golden life, seminar with Chuck Spezzano, Burg Rothenfels
2008 Emotional Intelligence, seminar with Jeff Allen
, Mönchengladbach
2004 Die Wohndiele, Hamburg

1996 Sculptures and other works, diploma show at the library, University Hildesheim

2013 Cliff by NOCOart studio, St. Martin, French West Indies
ParkArt, Schloß Clemenswerth
WerkKunst- KunstWerk, Reinbek
2012 Soaring High, La Pierre Marble, St. Martin, French West Indies

Hey you - what do you see? Headmadefactory For Art, Grand Case, St. Martin, French West Indies
2011 The Prince of Irland, Night of Fairy Tales, Hamburg

Waterworlds, Künstlerhaus Ohlendorffturm, Hamburg

50. Anniversary of Martin‘s Church Rahlstedt, Hamburg

Blossoming Life, Foyer d ́art, Hamburg

Gallery Tropismes, St Martin, French West Indies

2010 Consonance, Carmen Hillers / Sonja Mosick-Lewin, Galerie Meyer, Hamburg
Sculpture Park, Rantzauer See, Barmstedt

 Art In Transit, Festival KulturWerk Rahlstedt, Hamburg

2009 Taste of the Invisible, Rathaus Galerie, Rellingen

The Eagles‘ Ascent, Künstlerhaus Ohlendorffturm, Hamburg

Kunstwerk-Werkkunst, Schloß Reinbek, Reinbek

2008 Rahlstedter Kulturwochen, Parkresidenz, Hamburg

4 x 9, EKZ Volksdorf, Hamburg

2004-09 Open Studio, Künstlerhaus Ohlendorffturm, Hamburg
1996 Marble,Volksbank Hildesheim
1995 Nature, Concept, Sign, library, University Hildesheim