Sorin Dragoi

Sorin Dragoi


About Sorin Dragoi

There's nothing else in the world I see myself doing, but painting (and drawing). I've been doing it since I could hold a pencil or a brush into my hands, and I'll be doing it long after I lost my self-consciousness.


Graduate of Timisoara West University, Fine Arts Faculty, Painting Department, 2004.
Graduate of Timisoara Fine Arts High School, Monumental Painting Department. 1999


2014 MSB Canvas Artistic Creation Camp, Banat’s Village Museum, Timișoara
2008 « International Art Workshop 2008 », « Nature-human beings-City », Gera, Germany
2006 - 2008 Mraconia-Dubova International Creation Camp, Mehedinţi County
1998 Sculpture Camp, “Poiana Pinului”, Buzău County


International Exhibitions Participations:
2015 The International Exhibition of Fine Arts High School’s Teachers, Timisoara, “Helios” Gallery
2014 The Collective Works Exhibition from Cartoons and Low Brow Arts Areas “Micul dejun al Supereroilor” (“Superheroes’ Breakfast”), “Balamuc/loc de joacă ș-altele”(“Funny House/Playground and Others” Workshop, Timișoara
2011 Fine Arts High School’s Teachers’ International Exhibition, « Helios » Arts Gallery, Timișoara
2010 Fine Arts High School’s Teachers’ International Exhibition, « Helios » Arts Gallery, Timișoara
2009 Arts High School’s Teachers’ International Exhibition, « Helios » Arts Gallery, Timișoara: « Speranţe »(“Hopes”),
2008 Mraconia-Dubova International Creation Camp,Timisoara Arts Museum
The International Arts Workshop Exhibition: „Nature-human beings-City”, Gera, Germany
The Visual Arts Exhibition Catalogue of The Artists’ Union of Romania, Lugoj 2008
2007 Mraconia-Dubova International Creation Camp, „Helios” Arts Gallery, Timișoara
2006 The International Exhibition „Reqviem pentru un Crăciun însângerat” (“Requiem for a Blood-Red Christmas”) the 5th Edition, The Museum of Banat Mitropoly, Timișoara
2005 The „Mini Art” Project Exhibition, organized by the International Association of Art (IAA) Europe, Germany
1998 Group Exhibition, Staatliche Glasfachschule, Reinbach, Germany

Attending the National Exhibitions:

2012 “Jocul Culorilor” (“Colours’ Game”) Exhibition, “George Suru” Cultural House, Caransebeș
2010 „Semne, materiale, tehnici” (”Signs, Materials, Techniques”) Exhibition, Pro Arte Gallery, Lugoj
„Culoare şi lumină” (“Light and Colour”) Exhibition, Municipal Gallery, Hunedoara
„Interferenţe stilistice” (“Stylistic Interferences”), F