stefanos folinas

stefanos folinas

trikala, thessaly, Greece

About stefanos folinas

Stefanos Folinas is a Greek artist living in Trikala, Greece. Since 2014, he has successfully taught himself different artistic methods. Through his work as a cartographer and hints of abstraction, he was able to develop his native figurative paintings.

«The paintings by Stefanos Folinaς, with the intense color palette and the almost flat representations emerge from the primordial memory, ancestral stories. As frescoes early in caves, the artist skillfully creates imaginary worlds of primitive civilization that narrate in a simple but essential way that the primitive man imprinted with rough characteristics and natural materials to testify before even writing is such an instrument.
However, what raises reasonable questions and concerns is not the very choice of the subject of representation, but the fact that in the information age and the incredible range of technological means and their immediate availability, the artist chooses to look at the very distant past humanity and early culture, to make a big flash back to deepen into what perhaps modern man and especially contemporary artist often tends to forget about possibly chasing a future uncertain or just rationalizing the artistic nature itself. So he chooses to attribute the essence of human creative existence, free from ornate pictorial motifs, and stylistic tricks.
It revives what was first-but not the primary material, but the primary emotion.
Because, behind the flat-faced, this statement is precisely the manifestation: the art in every appearance of it from the early years of mankind was and is initially an instinct, an inbred inner guide to the survival of the soul, its liberation, her. It is the need to deposit pure emotion before it passes through the neurons in the brain and rationalizes. Take us to the caves of our ancestors and feel the artistic creation as a great need in a world without writing, very likely without language».





• June 2015 MIIT in Torino “Internazionale Arte 2015” curated by Dr. Guido Folco
• June 2015 “My Dreams” Flyer Art gallery-Rome curated by Irene Salvatori
• September 2015 “PERSPECTIVE OF Receptivity” Palazzo del Turismo di Riccione curated by Francesco Bernucci
• November 2015 Bienalle Museo MIIT 2015 – BMM 2015, curated by Dr. Guido Folco

• February 2016, Solo show in Mylos Pappa in Larisa, title “Tribes”
• June 2016, participation in the 8th annual exhibition of municipality of Eleusina curated by Nantia Vlachopoulou.
• September 2016, Solo show in Lamia in cooperation with the SKETKE team, title “Tribes”.
• October 2016, “PERSPECTIVE OF Communication” curated by Francesco Bernucci.
• November 2016, «Neon” Inspire-gallery in Dublin by Dino Notaro.


• January 2017,«Energy Athens 2017” in the European Center Contemporary Space Athens, curated by Geladaki Katerina.
• March 2017, group exhibition «Myths and Reality» in Tsitsani museum curated by Lia Koutelieri
• June 2017, participation in the 9th annual exhibition of municipality of Eleusina curated by Nantia Vlachopoulou.
• September 2017 , solo show in “Remmezo Gallery” in Kalamaria
• December 2017, group exhibition «REBETIKA » in Tsitsani Museum, curated by Nikolena Kalaitzaki


• January 2018, group exhibition “Once Upon a Dragon” in Artzone 42 gallery in Athens
• March 2018, group exhibition “Pseudonim” in In-spire gallery Dublin
• April 2018, group exhibition “Skulligraphy” in Artzone42 Gallery
• April 2018 , solo show in Larisa “Land of Men”, curated by Antigoni Kapsali
• October 2018, solo show “Ancestral Stories” in ArtZone42 gallery in Athens, curated by Domna Chanoumidou


• May 2019, group exhibition in Dommes Miramare gallery in Corfu curated by Thanos Loudos
• June 2019, group show 11th exhibition of municipality of Eleusina curated by Anastasia Dalma
• June 2018 , solo show “FOLINAS”in Dublin-Ireland (Inspire art gallery curated by Dino Notaro).


Address: Ioanni Mati 9, 42132 Trikala, Greece, phone: +306977349253