Alejandro Sutnaj

Alejandro Sutnaj

Rome, Rome, Italy

About Alejandro Sutnaj

Sutnaj's masterpieces are enriched by the use of precious elements like the gold leaf 24 karats, gold pigments, gold dust, Swarovski crystals, and other materials through which the artist manages to create an impressive chromatic dynamism, transmitting the idea of a continuous movement of energy and emotions, and conferring fascination and exclusivity to the most refined environments.


He graduated summa cum laude from Universidad del Salvador (USAL) and received Bachelor of Arts in Sociology (USAL), Bachelor of Arts with highest distinction in Communication Studies (Università di Cassino) Bachelor of Laws in Law, Master Degree in Journalism, Doctor of Philosophy Equivalent Degree in International Relations.


Sutnaj's work is considered a seminal ingredient in the flourishing of Cosmopolitan Art in the Eighties and has been exhibited and presented internationally in events across Latin America, Europe, and Asia.


Sutnaj's work has also been included in numerous international exhibitions in Buenos Aires, Rome, and Beijing, and has been featured and reviewed in many publications including Posh Magazine, World and Pleasure, and The Core News, among others.