tage fredheim

tage fredheim

Holter, Norge, Norway

About tage fredheim

Tage has several years of education in visual arts, thereof 5 years at the art academy in Oslo.

Participating in Saatchi art's/theotherartfair in Los Angeles was to be be his first showcase abroad, not counting a number of 11 paintings commissioned by Royal Carribbean Cruise Lines.

Artistic heritage:

The last three or fourth year at the academy I gained a good relationship with Knut Rose. I remember one thing he said; "It is rare that a painting gets any worse the more you work on it".

Well as long you don't destroy it ?

Fun fact:

During my 5 years at the art academy my class painted from live models at least two days a week. One of the models (then in her late years) was in fact one of Edvard Munch's models when she was young.

I guess that very few living artists have had the experience of painting one of Edvard Munch's models :-)

Tage's works have been bought by art collectors, public institutions and private companies such as Manda Capital that by now has an inventory of more than 20 of Tage works. Furthermore his professor Knut Rose commissioned a portrait that was executed during several sittings in the masters studio in Bygdøy near Oslo.

The well known art collector Haakon Mehren bought a couple of paintings and also appointed Tage for the art award: Aksel Waldemars price.

Tage's main gallerist for many years was Bernt Hellum who sold several of Tage's paintings and also staged a sold out exhibition of the polish native artist Ryszard Warsinsky on one occasion.
He had so many creative ideas and initiatives.

For Tage each painting is a new project and is treated as such. - I see no reason to repeat myself painting after painting he states. Therefore it is quite rare that two artworks are identically executed. So even if different in style and execution, his artistic DNA appeares to be intact throughout his production.

"Tage takes base in certain abstract expressions as suggested by Professor Knut Rose at the Academy in Oslo. Instead of to condense and concretize the abstract elements in the direction of a figurative motif, Fredheim allows purely painterly elements continue to dominate the creative process, much like Edvard Munch in his most expressionistic works. This creates a slide into a new domain of painting and a further progress toward a freer expression - he struggles to keep the images open to new directions and meanings. This creates the space for a new kind of aesthetic that, according to himself, are more distinctive and less conventional. The result ends with paintings that work by virtue of itself, not on the basis of rigid conventions or external references.
The works can be viewed individually or in conjunction. Grouping images side by side also creates an interesting interaction between the basic timbre of the individual works.
In some paintings Tage lays geometric structures or landscape features in bottom before paint coats are applied, often in 20 to 30 transparent layers in a single image. In these works there is a dynamic between the previous ideas and the wider movement which acts as a structural model.
Distinct characteristics of the artist's paintings are texture and coloration - an end result of simple but thoughtful paint application and structures suggested in the abstract motifs".
Text: Hilde Hernes, art historian, Oslo. (Courtesy Gallery Harald Kjeldaas) .


High school - Music and painting classes
B.Sc.- computer engineering
Hospitant- Norwegian State Art College (SHKS)-painting
M.Sc.-Norwegian Statens kunstakademi- v. professorene Alf Jørgen Aas - Knut Rose- paintingvy
Master Student - Statens kunstakademi


Theotherartfair - Los Angeles 5-8 sept. 2019

3 local artists Galleri LER. Nannestad Norway 10-25 okt. 2020


Group Exhibitions:
1981 Statens kunstutstilling (høstutstillingen)
1982 Østlandsutstillingen
1997 Galleri Grotto
1999 Galleri Steen vårutstilling
2000 Galleri Steen vårutstilling
2000 Gjøvik kunstforening
2002 Ullensaker kunstforening
2003 Romeriksutstillingen
2004 Romeriksutstillingen
2005 Galleri Kjeldaas
2009 Galleri Svae
2010 Galleri Ramfjord
2016 Romeriksutstillingen

Solo Exhibitions:
1989 Galleri Hellum
1991 Oslo kunstsenter
1992 Kunsthuset
1993 Galleri AG
1997 Gjøvik kunstforening
1998 Galerie 1814 Unique
2000 Galleri Steen
2004 Ullensaker kunstforening
2005 Galleri A
2006 Galleri Kimen
2008 Galleri Svae
2010 Galleri Kjeldaas
2015 Norwegian Defence Museum Gardermoen
2018 Galleri Langekil, Hvaler
2020 Galleri LER