Tahis DZ

Tahis DZ

Aljezur, Faro, Portugal

About Tahis DZ

Tahis Dalla Zanna (São Paulo, Brazil) is a visual artist, based in Portugal. Her art research goes through two poetic narratives, which in one, allows her to explore colours, textures, layers and composition in two dimension as mixed media and painting. In the other path, Tahis, investigates and questions the feminine aspects of existence and relations in society through photography and mixed media.

Tahis studied Photography at SENAC (1996) and attended the University of Visual Arts at the State University of Londrina (UEL, 2006) in Brazil. In addition, she participated in master classes with renowned Brazilian artists at different art institutes (Tomie Ohtake Institute, SESC, UNESP) and specialises in mixed media techniques. As a contemporary artist, she also has extensive experience in works involving painting, photography and video art, which allowed her to participate in exhibitions in Paris, New York, São Paulo and Londrina. In addition, Tahis is part of Yucca Collective where she implements artistic projects with kids and adults at an international level.



2006 Visual Arts - Universidade Estadual de Londrina(UEL), Brazil

2015 "Image on the Surface” - Carlos Fajardo - SESC Pompeia - Brazil

2013 “Painting: Practice and reflection” - Paulo Pasta -Instituto Tomie Ohtake - Brazil

2013 “Painting- Project” - Dudi Maia Rosa - SESC Pompeia - Brazil

2009 Art History Course - Modern Art Museus (MASP) - Brazil


Main Exhibitions

2014 Collective Exhibition - Project “Menos 30, 'Human Relations' - Pinacoteca do Estado | São Paulo, SP, Brazil.

2014 Collective Exhibition - Enchantè, Paris! Rencontre d’Art Visuels Bresil / France - Le Chêne | Paris, France.

2013 Selecionados - FUTURO National Exhibition of Visual Arts - Pinacoteca Municipal de Jundiaí, SP, Brazil.

2012 Crowd Art Award - Urban Arts Gallery - São Paulo, SP, Brazil.

2010 Collective Exhibition - Despedaço de Mim - NOV.Selecionados.2010 - Casa de Cultura UEL - Londrina, PR, Brazil.

2010 Performance - Despátalas-Repétalas - Maninfestarte - Casa de Cultura UEL - Londrina, PR, Brazil.

2010 Individual exhibition “Reencontros” - Hilton Morumbi Hotel - São Paulo / SP, Brazil

2005 40th Collective Exhibition - Centro Cultural Tao Sigulda - Jarinú, SP, Brazil.

2004 Cataloged by Agora Gallery - New York, USA.

2004 Collective Exhibition - Hearts Car, Beneficent Auction - Nova André Galeria - São Paulo, SP, Brazil.

2004 Individual Exhibition - Mouvement - Aliança Francesa - Londrina, PR, Brazil.

2004 Collective Exhibition - Carafizzi Gallery - São Paulo, SP, Brazil.

2004 Collective Exhibition - Mostra Bahiarte - Galeria Bahiarte - Londrina, PR, Brazil.