The Pochoclera

The Pochoclera

Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

About The Pochoclera

It is important to know that The Pochoclera (in English: The popcorn machine), arises from an artistic need that responds to the current controversial situation that contextualizes us all.

It has been instinctive to undertake research into an exploration of new media and the communication of contemporary messages in relation to the social attacks that we are experiencing.

Pochoclera promotes teamwork, collaboration and union in this changing world. To emerge with a new vision of understanding art in relation to the needs of people.

Pochoclera are concerned with criticizing the system and transforming current affairs into an art with irony, sarcasm and humor. To critique a world dominated by large corporations, where people submit without a thought to the great forces.

Through art and humor we want to awaken the crowd. Inspired by urban culture, graphic design and traditional painting. The art developed is in keeping with classical capitalist icons, Renaissance visual devices and a new approach to modern and attractive visual trends.

The change of the artist's paradigm.


Educated in fine arts as a fundamental part of our artistic process, influenced by the most important and fundamental trends in graphic design and with more than 20 years developing art projects in all possible sizes, formats and media.