Zsolt Pinter

Zsolt Pinter

Sopron, Europe, Hungary

About Zsolt Pinter


I learned to be a goldsmith, then I became a ceramist. I painted pictures, made copper engravings. I cast gypsum and synthetic resin, carved wood sculptures, hammered stone, worked with glass.
The clay and me, we knead and shape each other for 40 years, incessantly. For me, creating is necessity, adventure and joy, form of life.
Dear visitor!
Due to the above, please do not be surprised that you will notice a variety of techniques and materials used.
"The artist is always in control of himself. He is the wizard who is not under the spell of his own, however, he plays with his art, communicates and interacts in order to make an impact on someone."
I trust that you will find some of my works to your liking.
I wish you a pleasant stay.



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1978 Pecs
1979 Gyor
1980 Gyor
1985 Sopron
1989 Sopron
1990 Sopron
1991 Budapest
1994 Budapest
1996 Budapest
1998 Sopron
2000 Budapest
2005 Sopron
2006 Paris
2007 Basel
2009 Paris
2011 Vienna
2013 Budapest
2015 Budapest