Trixie Pitts

Trixie Pitts

Nashville, TN, United States

About Trixie Pitts

As an abstract expressionist painter I have been living and working in New York City for many years, but recently relocated to Nashville where I love the vibe of the city and particularly love having space for my own studio and my own yard.

I started my painting career as a portrait painter because I had an eye for detail but always wished I could "get more feeling" into my paintings. Only when I began to paint for me rather than to please someone else did this begin to happen. The practice of giving up on perfection and accepting the beauty of the unexpected when I paint has helped me do the same in my everyday life. Now painting for me is like meditation. And, like meditation, things come up unannounced and unexpected and I try to accept, trust and value whatever appears. I paint fast, to keep ahead of my thoughts and always listen to music when painting. Sometimes when I'm finished, I have little idea how I got there or how to “do it again.” When I look at a painting and say to myself, “How did I ever do that?” then it's been a good day in the studio!

Originally Canadian, I have lived in Europe and Asia as well as currently in the US, so I have been blessed with a life of travel and it is another source of inspiration. I don't paint until I return, but seem to absorb the colors and atmospheres and vibes of places that affect me on an emotional level.

My favorite advise came from my former advisor, the well known artist, Larry Poons, "Trixie, try to say good-bye the way you say hello!" I knew exactly what he meant. Just go for it right to the end and don't start analyzing and "fixing". He would also bellow, "Don't think, just paint." Or, "Stop looking, just paint." Then of course there is Bob Ross's (more gentle) classic comment, "there are no mistakes, just happy accidents!"


University of Toronto
Art Students League of New York: Larry Poons, Kikuo Saito


2017 "King Woman" ArtLeadHer Pen+Brush, NYC
2017 Renasant Bank, Nashville
2016 The Conference Board, 845 3rd Ave, New York Group Show
2016 135W50 Lobby, Trixie Pitts New Paintings (
2015 Trixie Pitts Paintings I Love You Bedford Williamsburg, Brooklyn
2014 Squire Sanders, 30 Rockefeller Plaza NYC:
A.T. Kearney - Permanent Collection 2014

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