Vicky Wills

Vicky Wills

London, United Kingdom

About Vicky Wills

I am inspired by my surroundings, often things in nature. I am interested in the purity of expression, painting without constraints, and being able to express yourself without worrying what a critic will think. It is what the individual viewer thinks that is important.

Colour excites me and I like to explore colour relationships in my work. Artists that inspire me are Patrick Caulfield, Michael Craig-Martin and Mary Fedden.

I am also interested in the process of painting, how the painting can surprise you and how the process of painting can influence the final piece.

Sometimes, within one painting, there will be lots of mini paintings. Each part of the painting is important, each part has its role to play in telling the story of the piece.

Within the painting I am interested in pace, contrast and how painting in different styles impacts on the feel of the piece.


BA (Hons) Fine Art, Canterbury, 1993-1996