Vivi Cuevas

Vivi Cuevas

Bristol, Bristol, United Kingdom

About Vivi Cuevas

Born in Santiago de Chile 1972. I am a Chilean self-taught artist currently living in the UK.Vivi Cuevas' oil- painted clay sculptures are born from a spontaneous and intuitive need to express herself. She works in series or families of sculptures that grow from an unplanned beginning and celebrate the joyful abandon of creativity. The experience of motherhood, yoga, spirituality, environmental awareness, mixed with her love of colour, the human form, a sense of fun and playfulness, create figures that bring pertinent and contemporary messages in an attractive and enjoyable way. The sculptures, which are infused with hip sweetness and cheeky playfulness, focus on the positive side of human nature and tickle our inner child.


1993-98 Degree in Object Design U.T.E.M., Santiago, Chile.
1998-2000 Final Design Project Urban Space & Artistic Context


1997 Los Monos, Casa de Piedra, Santiago, Chile.
1997 Diego, a large-scale sculpture in Expo Gourmand 97, Santiago, Chile.
1998 Dientes Crespos, Sala Shakespeare, Santiago, Chile.
1999 II Encuentro de la Tecnocultura, La Perrera, Santiago, Chile.
2001 Union en el Amor y el Arte, Centro Cultural Alameda, Santiago, Chile.
2001 Venus del Deseo, Art Garden Gallery, Bristol.
2001 Venus del Deseo, Ginger Gallery, Bristol.
2002 Venus del Deseo, Tobacco Factory, Bristol.
2003 Intimo, Dunmore-Cuevas, Centrespace, Bristol.
2004 This is one, this is two, Dunmore-Cuevas exhibition, Bristol.
2004 Yogic Figures, Cube gallery, Bristol.
2004 The very affordable Art Fair, Northern Lights gallery, Bristol.
2005 Fuerza Positiva Dunmore-Cuevas exhibition, Bristol.
2005 Southbank selection, Black Swan Arts, Frome.
2005 The Bristol Pack, Centrespace, Bristol.
2006 Double Trouble Dunmore-Cuevas exhibition, Bristol.
2006 "Herectic Poetic", Centrespace, Bristol.
2006 "Fruits d'Amour", The Residence, London.
2006 "pick of the Art Trail", Grant Bradley Gallery, Bristol. ,
2007 “Bristol Art Show 07” Centrespace gallery, Bristol
2007 “Gentle Revolution” Prema, Uley
2007 “Everything must go and other stories” , Bristol
2008 “Outside-in” , Bristol
2008 “Emporium” Penny Brohn Cancer Care Centre, Pill
2008 “Bristol Art Show 08” Centrespace gallery, Bristol
2008 “Art Presence” Centrespace gallery, Bristol
2009 “New Omnipresent Whatyamathingy” 5 Summer St, Bristol
2010 “NOW” 30 Park St.
2011 "Positive Protest" Showroom, 31 College Green, Bristol
2011 "WOW Gorillas" (Sky gorilla and Tallulah), Bristol
2013 "Gromit Unleashed" (artist in residence), Bristol