ankie vytopil

ankie vytopil

Blaricum, Noord Holland, Netherlands

About ankie vytopil

I am now 65 years old. I started sewing 60 years ago. Spent years in de USA and started to design my own patchwork quilts. Became art quilt specialist, working with found objects and with paper money. President Vaclav Havel owned one of my works. I wrote 5 books about patchwork. Now my interest is in embroidery, with at present an eye for the Earth (Series Shake, Rattle and Roll). I also embroidered my life in 60 pictures, of which a DVD was made (Enlgish version is available).


3 Years University Groningen, Holland, Sociology
Etching education in Groningen and at the Werkschuit in Amsterdam.
Founder of Patchwork Professionals, a collective with yearly exhibitions at Kasteel Groeneveel in Baarn, Holland.


2013 twobooks included my work:
Art Quilts in Nederland
Textile is alive!/Textielleeft!/Textil Lebt!


Arte Legi, Gouda, Holland