Xan Rhys

Xan Rhys

West Hollywood, CA, United States

About Xan Rhys

Logan Xander Rhys is a Contemporary Abstract Artist based in West Hollywood, CA. He works mostly in Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas.

Artist Statement:
Art, to me, is a visual representation of vibrational energy. It’s Life on canvas, and it allows us to connect on a level that transcends words and symbols - to be inspired and engaged without any external knowledge or information.
It's emotion and experience and thought and concept represented in color and line, shadow and light, texture, space and form. It’s the reason a simple splatter of pigment or the heavy texture of impasto can trigger emotion in our souls.
It’s the passion and confidence in the color red, the strength and formality of a bold line, the feeling of order in repetition, truth in texture, relief in light, conflict in sharp angles, and peace in blended values.
Art is both energizing and peaceful. It can console us or ignite us.
It is Universal and it is Essential.


BS | Kinesiology | Ball State University
MA | Psychology | Pepperdine University