Yuanyuan Liu

Yuanyuan Liu

Solna, Stockholm, Sweden

About Yuanyuan Liu

About myself:

I was born and raised in a small village on the Silk Road in China’s westernmost borderlands. It was there that I first was captivated by the beauty of the natural world, which fueled my passion for drawing and painting. In 2007 I moved to Sweden, whose landscapes, towns, and people had fascinated me ever since I was introduced to the movies of Ingmar Bergman during my university studies at Beijing’s Film College. My artistic exploration of Northern Europe has been the greatest joy in my life, and through my paintings I hope to share some of my emotional experiences of this part of the world.


My education:

I was educated as a screenwriter at Beijing’s Film College and spent many years writing scripts for cinema as well as TV. Since 2015, however, I have opted to devote myself totally to my artistic activity.


"Landscapes by Yuanyuan Liu", Affordable Art Fair Stockholm, November 2019.

"Still Lifes and Landscapes", Gallery T, Stockholm, April 2019.

"Landscapes by Yuanyuan Liu", Vetlanda Konstförening, southern Sweden, 30 September-22 October 2017.

"Landscapes by Yuanyuan Liu", Galleri Svea, Stockholm Old Town, 11-17 August 2017.

"Russia and Scandinavia", Oil, Galleri Svea, Stockholm Old Town, 6-11 August 2016.

"The Sea", Oil, Etnografiska museet/Matmekka, Stockholm, 15-28 May 2016.

"North European Landscapes", Oil, Galleri Svea, Stockholm Old Town, 2-7 April 2016.

Apart from these physical exhibitions, 14 of my landscape paintings made up the theme for the 2017 issue of the annual arts calendar published by the Swedish weekly Hemmets Journal.