Zinda Hogue

Zinda Hogue

Vancouver, WA, United States

About Zinda Hogue

I am a self-taught artist, and I create large-scale oil paintings on canvas.

Raised primarily in Washington state, I have also lived in Montana and California for many years. I have returned to the Pacific Northwest 15 years ago, and live here happily surrounded by family.

I have always been fascinated by visual images. As a teenager, I was exposed to pre-Renaissance art and was astounded by the intricate detail found in these masterpieces. I knew what I wanted to paint from that point forward.

As I grew as an artist, so did the range of imagery I gravitated toward. I discovered surrealism and became entranced with the freedom it gave me. I was so inspired to paint my dreams, which were primarily beautiful children from a distant past in lush settings, free from the stress and drama of everyday life.

I imbue my subjects with a sense of peace and comfort, while still striving to maintain the rigid standards of excellence in detail and form, like the masters of old.

I also give a lot of thought to the "characters" in my paintings, alluding to a story of their own. I like to believe these stories bring even more enchantment and haunting beauty to my art.


I work mainly in oil paint on canvas. Flexibility is important to me, as I tend to add and subtract or change my mind.

I hope to take the viewer of my art back to a time we can all share in some form, our childhoods. Whe a day lasted forever, and the world is new and undiscovered.

Children, animals, forest and flowers are subjects I am most drawn to. I try to show the quiet, static moments in life, devoid of chaos and noise. Although my works are highly detailed, I try to keep the mood simple.


1999 - Artwork featured on the cover of "Hi Class" Magazine

1999 - New York Art Expo

1998 - Exhibit at the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art

1997 - Exhibit at Las Vegas Art Museum