Zuzana Uhlíková

Zuzana Uhlíková

Plzeň, Plzeňský kraj, Czech Republic

About Zuzana Uhlíková

Zuzana Uhlíková was born in the Czech Republic and lives in Pilsen. She is a self-taught professional photographer and visual artist. She specializes in Fine Art, Landscape and Portraiture photography. She is a photographer producing surreal, dreamy-look conceptual works. She gets inspiration from nature, dreams, science fiction literature and everyday life. Her work can be described as surreal scenes created by combining different photographs. She captures ideas and dreams with the help of her imagination. She is finding a way to capture the impossible moments. Her creative process involves taking photographs with a digital camera and manipulating the results using computer software. She always tries to capture as much as possible in camera. Her work consists of a lot of work in post-production and combining photographs. The idea, photography, and post-production are all connected. She sells limited edition prints. Zuzana's work has also appeared in publications, such as Phlearn, Dodho, Encyclopedia of a photographer and Digital photo.


Master of Architecture (M.Arch.), Czech Technical University in Prague


Publication and competition:
35 AWARDS 2018 - TOP 35 Conceptual photo photographer
35 AWARDS 2018 - TOP 20 Czech Republic photographers
35 AWARDS 2018 - 1 photo Catalogue 2018 selected
World’s Best Photographers & Artists - Best of April 2019
35 AWARDS 2018 - annual photography awards - TOP 25% Love story photographer
35 AWARDS 2018 - annual photography awards - TOP 34% Symmetry single photo
This! Magazine's Awards 03.04.2019 - Category Best of Color Publications
JaamZIN Creative Magazine - February 2019
This! Magazine's Award – 12-29.07.2018, Category – Art & Photo Manipulation Publications
Gallery Of Refined Art - June 12, 2018
Gallery Of Refined Art - June 11, 2018
Dodho magazine - The fantasy of Zuzana Uhlíková - ISSUE 03. JANUARY 2017


2018 Solo Exhibition, Open Studio, Prague, Czech Republic
2018 Chania Photo Festival, Greece
2017 Solo Exhibition, Open Studio, Pilsen, Czech Republic
2016 Solo Exhibition, Open Studio, Pilsen, Czech Republic
2015 CVUT, Prague, Czech Republic
2014 CVUT, Prague, Czech Republic