Robert hitzeman

Robert hitzeman

London, Greater London, United Kingdom

About Robert hitzeman

Robert's work uses visual languages to subtly disrupt readings of interior and exterior in the body and the built environment, as well as examining the relationships between ideology and the physical conditions of space. The idea of the subtle abjection; a way of transgressing the viewer quietly, is a central theme to his work. He is interested in how a transgressive force can appear seductive or benign but still disturbing on another level: subverting traditional separations between attraction and repulsion.
"Stonelickers" are a series that include several works relating to parasitic relationships to feeding and mating and their potential as a model for artistic production and cultural exchange. The drawings for this permutation of the series are based on images of the mouth and teeth of several species of Lamprey, and several models of angle grinder bits used in stone and metal work.
In sculpture, Robert's work is made from assembling building materials gathered from a particular area; creating a link from that area’s history to a totemic object or artifact that connects it to the present while questioning notions of location. "Sweet dredge" is another take on this idea, using animal remains gathered from the Thames at the site of a former meat processing plant and colorful rope. The area directly above the river now houses a rock climbing wall and gym built on the foundation of the meatpacking district. "Sweet dredge" links the gym’s conception of the body as a malleable object to be conditioned or changed to the “processing” of animal remains into meat; both systems that attempt to alter the original into a state that conforms to a normative ideal.

Robert received His BFA at California State University, San Jose in Sculpture and installation during which time he worked part time as an arts Technician for Stoller Studio and David Middlebrook Arts. Shortly after graduating he was invited to participate in a two person show in Milan by MUSAE alongside the Italian artist Maurizio Rosazza Prin at Spazio MUSAE. Upon his return from Italy he was Shortlisted for the California Sculpture SLAM prize and included in the SLAM exhibition at the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art. In the meantime Robert worked in Hollywood as a Production Assistant working closely with the art department on several reality television shows and game shows. In late 2011 Robert moved to London and enrolled in the Chelsea College of Art and Design, during which time he was commissioned to build a large outdoor sculpture called Tetschen Bolt that was shortlisted for The National Sculpture Prize at Broomhill Art Hotel. After Graduating with merit from Chelsea, Robert maintained a steady exhibition schedule and was shortlisted for the Red Mansion Prize as well as Schwartz Gallery’s hot 100 prize and was included in Schwartz’s short list show. In 2014 Robert took part in a residency organized by VSVSVS a seven-person collective and artist-run center based out of a warehouse in the port lands of Toronto, Ontario. In July 2015 Robert was selected by Richard Deacon to show in the Creekside OPEN in South London. For the moment he continues to produce work out of his studio in London and exhibits work internationally.


BFA Spatial Arts and Sculpture
California State University, San Jose, California, United States

MA Fine Art
Chelsea College of Art and Design, London, United Kingdom


Stone Lickers Dessins
LeHic, Brussels, Belgium January 2017

VSVSVS Presents: Robert Hitzeman
VS Gallery. Toronto, Canada. July 2014

Post_human Statements: Robert Hitzeman vs Maurizio Rosazza Prin
Spazio Musae. Milano, Italy. July 2011

Attraverso il Tempo e Lo Spazio
Galleria Da.Co. Terni, Italy, June 2010

Artificial Breakdown
Herbert Sanders Gallery. San Jose State University, March 2010

Ventral Metastasis: Malignant Inorganic Compounds
The Black Gallery. San Jose State University, May 2008

CREEKSIDE OPEN 2015 selected by Richard Deacon
A.P.T Gallery, London UK, June 2015

Schwartz Gallery, London UK, February 2015

Guerilla Galleries Presents: Forbidden
Daniel Libeskind Space, London, UK January 2015

Schwartz Gallery, London UK, November-December 2013

Everyone Talks About The Weather, We Don’t.
Rowan Arts Project, London, UK. October 2013

Silence and I
Hanmi Gallery, London, UK, September 2013

Hot 100
Schwartz Gallery, London, UK, July 2013

Leap Into The Void Presents: SYNESTHESIA
The Darnley Gallery. London, UK April 2013

National Sculpture Prize Exhibition 2012
Broomhill Sculpture Garden. Broomhill Art Hotel, North Devon, UK June 2012

Foul Perfection
The Castle. Aldgate, London, UK March 2012

Step Gallery,
Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, Pheonix, Arizona, USA September 2011

California Sculpture SLAM
San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, San Luis Obispo, California, USA August 2011

Chez Nous: L’arte Si Mette In Viaggio
White Art Gallery. Merano, Italy. February 2011

VSVSVS, Residency
VS Gallery. Toronto Canada July 2014

Hot 100 Finalist,
Schwartz Gallery, London, UK. July 2013

Red Mansion Prize, Finalist
The Red Mansion Foundation, London, UK, March 2013

National Sculpture Prize Finalist,
Broomhill Art Hotel, North Devon, UK, June 2012

California Sculpture SLAM Finalist,
San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, San Luis Obispo, California, USA August 2011
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