Jan Weissenfeldt

Jan Weissenfeldt

Berlin, Deutschland, Germany

About Jan Weissenfeldt

Jan Weissenfeldt is a Sculptor and Designer, born 1981 in Marburg (Germany).
In 2010 graduated from University of Kassel, master´s degree in architecture (Design Research).
His favourite materials are wood, paper and plexi glass.
Weissenfeldt´s style reflect his background in streetart, combined with a modern technological approach.
Expressing love for geometry, shadows and gaps are the main focus in his recent works.
By using modern production technics (as laser cutting) and combining it with classical crafts (like painting) his aim is to create a new form of contemporary art. Somewhere between perfection and human impulsivity. Perfections provided by computer and machine, will always be broken by his touch and spontaneous arrangement of pieces.
Resulting in artworks that are somewhere in between perfect and human.

That is a summary, as short as possible. Feel free to ask me anything.


University of Kassel