Magdalena Anna Antrobus

Magdalena Anna Antrobus

Banbury, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

About Magdalena Anna Antrobus

Artist Statement

Out of all the ways of self-expression, I discovered painting to be the closest to perfection.

As I process my own experience mainly via emotions, moods, and feelings – I found out that creating images was both the quickest and the truest way to communicate with the world.

The words often fail me; since I was a little girl I was told I was good with words and that I should become a writer. I sincerely considered this, and so, many years later, I did write a very special kind of book: a doctoral dissertation.

However, words, although useful and often necessary, were never exactly where I needed them. They played hide and seek, they try to replace one another, they would sometimes come close in their effort to express the content of my mind, but most often they would just drift around the most important points. But, most importantly, even all of the words in the world could not contain the abundance of my feelings. There must have been another way to tell my story. After having completed my PhD in Philosophy (a long and rather exhausting encounter with thousands and thousands of rather sophisticated words) I realised that as long as I am using words, I am never really there. And so I started painting.

I paint out of joy and happiness, understood here as a temporary but very intense state of mind and body. In my paintings I capture these moments of excitement, euphoria, enjoyment. They pass through me when I look at the Colosseum in sunset, when I listen to Buena Vista Social Club, when I spend time with my family and friends, when I watch my favourite movie. These are the moments worth capturing and sharing, these are experiences worth describing and treasuring.

I have much admiration and respect for oil paints. However, I guess I am not patient enough to use them in daily work. I most often choose acrylics, which seem more suitable to depict quick, ephemeral, intensive emotional states. The colours mirror the dynamics of excitement and suggest the concentrated essence of fragmented mental experience.

One of the most important things I learnt from my earlier academic career was that happiness is a form of illusion. That very special kind of illusion though is the one that keeps us alive. I hope that once locked in a work of art, that essential illusion is given a chance to become someone’s everyday reality.


PhD (Doctorate) in Philosophy, University of Birmingham, UK (2017)

MA (Master of Arts) in Philosophy of Health and Happiness,, University of Birmingham, UK (2014)

MA (Magister) in Psychology, Warsaw University, Poland (2001)


Featured in "Obsessed with Art" Blog, 18 June 2021 ("Large Wall Art Ideas / 14 Artists That Go BIG")

Featured in Saatchi Art "New This Week" Collection, 6 April 2020 ("When Day and Night Unite")

Featured in "The Best of Acrylic Painting" by Northern Lights, US, May 2019

Featured in Spring 2019 edition of "ArtSpace 50" magazine.

Winning entry in "Acrylic 6: Creative Energy" contest held by The Artists Network, 2018.

The recipient of "High Commendation" award at the Stratford Upon Avon Art Society Annual Exhibition, 2018.

"Illegal Alien" published in the "Acrylic 6" collection book by North Light Books (May 2019)


Upcoming: Oxford International Art Fair, Town Hall, Oxford, 29-31 October 2021

Roy’s Art Fair, Truman Brewery, The Boiler House, London, 8-11 October 2020 (cancelled due to Covid-19)

"Contemporary Mood"; Salonul Artelor Contemporane, London, UK (3-10 July 2020)

Moreton Gallery, Moreton-in Marsh, UK (16.06-16.07.2020)

Stratford-Upon-Avon Art Society Annual Exhibition, August 2019, UK

Landmark Art Fair, Richmond, London
17-19 May 2019

"Pouring Water Through a Telescope". The Barber Institute of Fine Arts, Birmingham, UK

"Temperance Natural World" (group exhibition)
Temperance, Leamington Spa, UK
3 February - 3 March 2019

"From Dark To Light: Hope in Hopeless Place" Exhibition, 35 Chapel Walk Gallery, Sheffield, 14-22 December 2018

Kenilworth Art Festival, 2018, 20-29 September, UK

Stratford-Upon-Avon Art Society Annual Exhibition, August 2018, UK