Olivia de Posson

Olivia de Posson

Brussels , Belgium

About Olivia de Posson

Please view my website on Www.oliviadeposson.com and/or contact me at info@oliviadeposson.com, 00447801239124. Life is full of colours. I love mixing colours, adding texture and creating light/bright effects. I try to bring life to my artworks and to express the breadth and depth of our emotional/spiritual world that is not obvious to concretely grasp nor to clearly express with words - hence the abstract style. I use all sorts of knives and spatulas (often creating my own large tools), mix all layers of colours together until their symbiosis creates the panache and texture effects I seek. As final touch I tend to add big bright lines over the finished work and across the whole canvas (like rays of sunshine) to bring structure and glow. All those colours fill me with positive energy, act as a source of inspiration, nurture my creative drive and help me dream. I sometimes add doodles and/or words that I draw/write automatically. These doodles often have the role of fictional framing. Doodling has always been part of my life; sometimes to emphasise my focus, sometimes to relax my mind. It tends to be a source of new ideas. I often enjoy adding quotes to my works, either emotional, humoristic or surrealistic. Automatic painting, doodling and writing act like meditation (that I also practice daily). Expressing myself freely on a canvas, a notebook, a piece of paper, and simply letting go / expressing my natural instinct, feels liberating and invigorating. I hope I can spread this positive energy to at least some of you through at least some of these paintings! PS: some rare pieces are dark, I guess we can't always be in wonderland... but there is always color in my darks !


ESCP-EAP '05 / ESCP Europe '05

Universite Catholique de Louvain '02


Please view my website on: www.oliviadeposson.com

And/or contact me at:

Instagram: @oliviadeposson

Facebook: Olivia de Posson


Upcoming events:

• Exhibited at the Cercle de Lorraine in Brussels (Jan, Feb, March 2020)
. Exhibited at We Are Artists, 8th edition, Brussels (March 2020)
• Exhibited at the Affordable Art Fair, London (March 2020)
• Exhibited at the gallery Sablon d’Art (April, May, December 2020)
• Live Auction at the gala dinner of Save the Children, London (November 2020)

Past events:
• Private Vernissage, London (2009, 2010, 2015, 2016)
• Exhibition at BO Paintings gallery, Brussels (2010)
• Exhibition at the Boston Consulting Group, London (2016)
• Renting artworks to a prime real estate promoter, London (2016)
• Exhibited on saatchiart.com
• Figured in the weekly selection of Saatchi (June 2018)
• Selected to exhibit at The Other Art Fair presented by Saatchi Art (Bristol, July 2018)
• Private exhibitions, Brussels (25-27 July 2018)
• Live Auction at the Gala of the ESCP Europe Foundation, London (12 October 2018)
• Exhibition with SL event, Young entrepreneurs, Brussels (Nov 22-24 2018)
• Live Auction at the Help For Children UK Gala, London (29 November 2018)
• Created 3 mural paintings for the hotel Zita Fidar Bed & Art - Byblos, Lebanon (December 2018) Exhibited at Sablon d’Art gallery, Brussels (1-31 March 2019)
• Live Auction in Paris with the auction house Euvrard & Fabre (19 April 2019)
• Exhibited at l’Art pour l’Acceuil, Brussels (May 2019)
• Exhibition, Ten Gallery, Knokke-Heist (Aug 2019)
• Exhibition at Coton Art, Waterloo (September 2019)
• Exhibition at Sablon d’Art, Brussels (October 2019)
• Selected to exhibit at the Other Art Fair, presented by Saatchi, within the CALM Art Collective, London (October 2019)