Benjamin Garcia

Benjamin Garcia

Madrid, Madrid, Spain

About Benjamin Garcia

Benjamin Garcia was born in Caracas (Venezuela) in 1986.
His work is the result of a meditative process through painting. The images he constructs are developed through intuition and results in profoundly symbolic portraits that play with movement, transformation and color. So far, fascinated by the female subject, his artworks explore ideas about the contrast between beauty and violence. While the main message of his work is something he likes to leave to the interpretation of viewers, Ben admits that the physical breakdown of the human subject in his paintings is a reflection of the disintegration of the psyche trough time.


Graduated from the Caracas School of Design in 2010


September, 2016 - Vertical Gallery, Chicago. LAX/ORD group show curated by Thinkspace Gallery

August, 2016 - Lancaster Museum of Art & History in TheNewVanguard group show curated by Thinkspace Gallery

February, 2016 – Corey Helford Gallery Los Angeles in the Below the surface group

February, 2016 - POW! WOW! Exploring The New Contemporary Movement; Curated by Thinkspace Gallery At the Honolulu Museum of Art

February, 2016 - LA Art Fair Los Angeles, with Smash Gallery.

December, 2015 – Abend Gallery, Denver. Collective exhibition: 25th Annual Miniatures Show

November, 2015 – Smash Gallery, San Francisco. Collective exhibition: Holiday group show

August, 2015 – Abend Gallery, Denver. Collective exhibition: Edge of Realism.

April, 2014 – Affordable Art Fair of New York, with One Art Space Gallery.

February, 2013 – La Ventana Artkao Gallery. Collective exhibition: Novísimos.