Brigitta Rossetti

Brigitta Rossetti

Milan, Lombardia, Italy

About Brigitta Rossetti

I was born in the countryside near Piacenza, where I still live and work in a studio from a converted old barn.
Cows out to pasture, wheat fields and century-old trees are the scenario that has seen me grow and which I still feel an important part of myself.

Love and respect for flowers and animals, for what is boundlessy large and extremely small, the importance of water and of the land, the solitude of nature, poetry and the encounter with the absolute are the themes that I have endeavoured to investigate, together with the exploration and documentation of deserted places.
I like to fly in the face of the bounds of artistic research and give life to a setting where the spectator is involved. This I try to achieve by means of different artistic techniques that range from painting to collage, to sculpture with recycled materials, video projects and installations.

At present my works are the result of a free contamination of different artistic languages.

I have always been fascinated by the Eastern world, by both the shady and the sunny side of the wood; I have embraced its philosophy as my lifestyle and I am keenly interested in the present social change that is leading the two worlds to get closer.

I am a visionary person by nature and I like to transform and distort the meaning of things to inspire reflection


Brigitta Rossetti was born in Piacenza in 1974. She got a
degree in Humanities at Pavia University and followed postgraduate
studies in Communication, achieving a Master’s
degree in Multimedia Publishing at Milan’s Politecnico.
The world of humanities and the allure of an essential poetic line,
of an epigram and of lyrical fragments have contributed to her
vocational training.
Nature is the core theme which attracts and permeates the artist’s
attention: grazing cows, fields strewn with flowers, wheat fields,
century-old trees: that’s the scenario where Brigitta grew up and
which, from time to time, provides the protagonists of painted or
narrated fairy-tales where magic is the ever present component.
Nature is also an important present issue as far as the environment
is concerned, since ours is an historic phase when man has been
trying to achieve progress without taking great care of its safeguard.

In 2002 Brigitta spent a long time in London, where she was
influenced by punk philosophy as well as by Turner’s romantic
visions of landscapes and sunsets.

Between 2007 and 2011 her artistic training matured in Austria
and Germany, where she attended workshops with famed artists,
including studies with the renowned artist Peter Keizer at Akademie
der Kuenste in Hamburg, with the Chinese Zhou Brothers, with
the Polish video artist Anna Konik and with the German sculptor
Asta Gröting at the Internationale Akademie Für Bildende Kunst in
Salzburg. Brigitta was confronted with abstract expressionism and
matured a penchant for an international approach to art. It was
in those places where contemporary artistic trends were on the
cutting edge that she developed her propensity for the use of mixed
techniques and of various, different materials for her installations
and sculptures.
From 2009 to 2012 Brigitta Rossetti alternates periods of residence
in Chicago at the Zhou Brothers Art Center and in Milan. The artist
has the possibility of getting in touch especially with the up--coming
artistic trends of the USA; she also tackles the features of surrealism
which she looks into with a marked psychological blueprint, mainly
as far as a redefinition of space and of its relation with the work of art
is concerned. This will even lead to outreaching the boundaries of a
painting, as exemplified, for instance, by the cycle called Children’s
Garden, where the painting is apparently not complete within its
frame but seems to extend to the little chair set in front of it.
In the years 2014-2015 Brigitta attended the “Manual for Artists”
workshop led by Ivan Quaroni in Milan and also worked in Asia,
especially in Taiwan. Her artistic achievements drew on Eastern
philosophy and she further investigated the ways of representing
the oxymoron figure of speech.


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honourable mention from the critics
- Exhibition for the Rospigliosi Art Prize finalists, Zagarolo, (Rome)

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Giosetta Fioroni, Brigitta Rossetti, Leo galleries, Monza, a cura di Daniela Porta
I Fiori e il Sogno, Bluerider Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan, a cura di Elsa Wang - Cat


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