Kimberley Gundle

Kimberley Gundle

London, London, United Kingdom

About Kimberley Gundle

Kimberley Gundle lives in London. She is known for her rich colour palette. Kimberley has always been drawn to people, her work is a social
encounter. For the last decade, Gundle’s work has been inspired by the Maasai Tribes of East Africa, whom she encountered during a charity hike across the Great Rift in Valley in 2009. She was captivated by the brightness of their flowing cloth and ornate beadwork amidst the harsh aridity of
the landscape. Over the years, Gundle returned many times to the area and stayed with remote tribal communities, making sketches and being present in the vibrancy of Maasai Culture. Gundle's drawings, paintings, ceramics and bronzes inspired by the Maasai have been exhibited globally, most notably at Collect Art Fair at the Saatchi Gallery in London 2019, and at the Venice Biennale 2017, 2015 and 2013. Gundle returns a percentage form the sales generated by her work to the communities whom inspired her, thus enabling projects such as bringing fresh water to 5000 people in the Olosokwan community in Tanzania.

In Gundle's recent work, she turns her lens back to London, her adopted home. Gundle sketches daily on the London Underground, likening these encounters to the fleeting moments of contact in the Social Media world we inhabit. From her daily sketches, Gundle Is hand-building a series of ceramic portraits. She is working toward an upcoming exhibition for a London Immersion.


1986 completed BA Fine Art University of Cape Town South Africa
1988 completed Postgraduate Fine Art University of Cape Town South Africa
1990 completed MA Fine Art Slade School of Art London


2019 Collect Saatchi Gallery, London
2018 Personal Encounters A&D Gallery, London
2017 A Celebration of Cultural Ornamentation of the Maasai of Kenya and Tanzania European Cultural Centre Personal Structures-Crossing Boarders Palazzo Bembo Venice Biennale
2017 Taste the Future , Miami, Paris, London.
2017 | Heads of Society,  German Ambassadors Residence, London
2015 European Cultural Centre Personal Structures-Crossing Boarders Palazzo Bembo Venice Biennale
2015 Society of Women Artists Mall Galleries
2013 Personal Structures Palazzo Bembo Venice Biennale
2016 | Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries, London          
2016 | FNB Joburg Art Fair, Candice Berman Fine Art, South Africa
2016 | Scope Basel Art Fair, Candice Berman Fine Art, Basel, Switzerland
2016 | That Art Fair, Candice Berman Fine Art, Cape Town, South Africa
2016 | Klein Karoo National Arts Festival, Candice Berman Fine Art
2015 | Venice Biennale Palazzo Bembo:  Personal Structures - Crossing Borders
2015 | Portraits of Maasai Women: Candice Berman Fine Art, Johannesburg, South Africa
2013 | Venice Biennale Palazzo Bembo: Personal Structures - Culture -Mind -Becoming
2009 | A Slice of London, Art First, London
2007-08 | The Postcard Project, Art First, London
1992-04 | London Contemporary Art Fair, Art First, London
2003 | The Shoe Fits, Portraits below the Knee, Art First, London
2003 | Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries, London
2002 | Shoe, National Touring Exhibition, United Kingdom sponsored by the City Gallery Leicester
2001 | 10”x 10” Art First, London
2000 | Starting a Collection, Art First, London
2000 | Time Pieces Sculpture exhibition, The Gallery, London
1999 | New York EXPO 99
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1997 | Passion and Sensuality, The Gallery, London
1996 | Art Miami’96, Miami, Florida, USA
1995 | Londoners, Art First, London
1995 | Focal Subjects, The Museum Annex, Hong Kong
1994 | Portraits, Oxford Gallery, Oxford
1993 | Reading Contemporary Art, Reading
1993 | Rexel-Derwent Drawing Competition
1992 | International Arts Festival, Sauve, France
1992 | Artist in Focus, Midlands Contemporary Art, Birmingham
1991 | The Gordon Gallery, Londonderry, Northern Ireland
1991 | A British Exchange Karen McKerrrron Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa
1990 | Slade Postgraduate Exhibition, Slade Pearson Gallery, London
1988 | Karen Mckerron Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa