Tembi, profile portrait of singing Maasai woman. Sculpture by Kimberley Gundle

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Art Description

Sculpture: Ceramic, Clay, glazed, stoneware, lustre on Ceramic.

Profile portrait of a singing Maasai woman, Tembi is a beautiful Maasai woman I met in Tanzania.She forms part of a collection of glazed ceramic stoneware cameo portraits celebrating the cultural adornment of the Maasai tribes of Kenya and Tanzania.The work is made from clay, similar to that found in the soil of the Great Rift Valley, and out of which the Maasai mould their homes. At the same time, by placing the ceramic portrait within an oval frame of ornate glazed earthenware, I draw parallels with my portraits and those of historical European cameos, which often depicted royalty and important dignitaries. Each oval, like a cameo locket, holds its subject safe, prized and cherished. A large installation of cameo portraits was exhibited at Palazzo Bembo during the Venice Biennale 2017



Tembi, profile portrait of singing Maasai woman.

Kimberley Gundle

United Kingdom


Size: 4.5 W x 7.5 H x 1.6 in

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