Lukas Houdek

Lukas Houdek

Nový Bor, Liberecký, Czech Republic

About Lukas Houdek

I wanted to be like Modigliani. I just wanted to be like him, because he had a simple portraits. They sat and had their hands as they lay hands or so. So I bought a book Modigliani that I inspire, and there I accidentally learned that he wanted to be like Velasquez. So I bought Velasquez, but he wanted to be like Botticelli, Botticelli and Michelangelo again.


I graduated at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. Nowadays I cooperate with the HG ATELIER DESIGN studio led by my brother Filip Houdek. In my artistic work I seek for a combination of materials . It is a dialog between of product design and fine art. I em enthusiastic about glass and light, traditional materials and high quality craftsmanship. I search for new applications for traditional glass elements. I focus on the topics of the pop-culture and parody. Hyperboles and jokes are characteristic to me. My aim is to give to the things a spirit and to raise them to beloved objects.


2018 - GlassBrothers in Designblok 2018, Prague
2018 - Posedlost by GlassBrothers - Kvalitář Gallery
2016 - Made in Bor volume III hotel Sansscousi Karlovy Vary by GlassBrothers
2016 - výstava ateliéru skla UMPRUM na Salone Internazionale del Mobile Milano 2016
2015 - společná výstava „Sklony“ galerie Glassimo, Praha
2015 - výstava ateliéru skla na VŠUP „Manifesto“ na zámku Pillnitz, Drážďany
2015 - Vinohradský Pavilon, Coca Cola
2015 - Ateliér skla v ZIBA Museum
2015 - Made in Bor, Ziba muzeum by GlassBrothers
2015 – asistence Yeun-Kyung Kim na IGS (Mezinárodní sklářské sympozium v Novém Boru)
2014 – výstava ateliéru skla VŠUP na London Tent
2014 – Art Gallery Broft/vanderHorst, Haag, Nizozemí by GlassBrothers
2013 - NIKA – small galery The Academy
2013 - the Chemistry Gallery – Prague Fashion Salon vol. 02
2013 - Designblok 2013, 2012 – glass studio at Academy
2013 - sympozium Vimperk
2013 - Bratislava, exhibition high school (Praha, Ústí n. L., Bratislava, Zlín, Wroclaw a Tallin)
2012 - IGS (International glass sympozium in Nový), exhibition in Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague
2012 - Project of trophy for insurer of Year 2011
2012 - Arts and Craft (Nový Bor)
2010 - Glass Sympozium Karlovy Vary, hotel Sanssouci
2010 - Zwiesel
2009 – Engraver sympozium in Kamenický Šenov
2009 - Řemeslo a Umění, Nový Bor
2009 - The Day of Earth, Nový Bor
2009 - Galerie Nova
2009 - Zwiesel
2009 - Rheinbach