Naomi Yuki

Naomi Yuki

Osaka, Osaka, Japan

About Naomi Yuki

What I create is the essence of things to be aware of our souls.
This essence expressed in an original sphere with original *figures on screen.

The figures seen on canvas could be seen as a shadow of human kind.
It’s portrays that we can't stop thinking because while looking at art work, suddenly your brain switches the way you feel by finding those figures. I think this is our human nature.
My suggestions will guide you how to FEEL rather than THINK.
The abstract and the real both coexist on screen telling that we can’t escape from nature. This inspiration has been born from my life experience.

My work is always improvised.
First I work on what I want then as I work by I get totally immersed in material.
And during working I just follow where they want to go. I spend more time interpreting what they want. Sometimes finish working with just 1brush stroke.
I continue to work until they are satisfied. Normally It takes about 3 months or more.

I’ve left it as it is because I want to give it life. I also respect the people who made this cloth. I can’t draw without them. This is kind of a collaboration.



Diploma Fine Art accademy Rome.


Awards, pubilsh

2021 Arte Laguna Prize 15 finalist

2018 Ikebukuro Art Gathering Awards Tokyo

2015 UNKNOWN ASIA Qing-Yang Xiao Prize

2015 ACT Art Award 2015 3rd Prize

2014 Tokyo Art Navigation Special Prize

2014 Tagboat Art Fes/ Kuruma Youji Prize

2012 Young Artist Japan/Roid works Gallery Special Prize

2011 Nihon Bungakukan Art section Special Prize

2007 Ventaglio Prize winner

Published ,

2015 Bijutsutecho Magazine Mar.issue. Interviewed as a winner of

TokyoArtNavigation Competition

2015 Guest artist atTokyoArtNavigation site “Field Trips with Prof.Matsukage”.

2017 TATLER magazine Feb. issue

2017 The World of Interiors magazine May issue

2017 The World of Interiors magazine Jun. issue

2017 The World of Interiors magazine Jul. issue

2018 Aesthtetica Magazine Apr/May issue

2018 Aesthtetica Magazine Aug/September issue


2021 Solo show "Ethical " KURUM'ART space2*3 Tokyo 1.Jun.-13.Jun

2021 Arsenale of Venice from 2 to 24 October, 2021

2019 Solo show "Cross point" KURUM'ART space2*3 Tokyo
2019 The Other Art Fair Los Angels 2019

2018 The Other Art Fair Melbourne 2018

2018 Solo Show “PHENOMENON” KURUMA’RT space2*3 Tokyo

2018 IAG Awards winner's show 2018/Tokyo


2017 UNKNOWN ASIA 2017

2017 Solo Show “Harmony” KURUMA’RT space2*3 Tokyo

2016 Solo Show “New Landscape” KURUMA’RT space2*3 Tokyo

2016 ART BUSAN 2016

2015 Unknown Asia Art Exchange 2015

2015 ACT Art Award winner’s show

2015 AAC-ACT ART COM- Art&Design Fair 2015 /KURUM’ART booth

2015 Tokyo Art Navigation winner's view.

2014 Tokyo Designer’s Week /Young Artist Japan

2014 Tagboat Art Fes 2014

2013 Art Fes 2013/Tagboat Tokyo


2007 Ventaglio Prize